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  • Eat, Appeal to Love 10 years on: Elizabeth Gilbert on rereading her bestseller -and what she left out

    04/02/16 ,via

    I also say that I'm too old for my cute not much Swedish friend Sofie – claiming that she is more like my daughter than my peer when we are separated by just a few years. I worry that I'm too old to be migratory around the world with a backpack; at my

  • The A- Waterproof Backpacks for Your Next Adventure

    03/23/16 ,via Travel+Leisure

    When traveling, your backpack regularly holds your most valuable goods: maps, clothes, food, tickets, cash. But what happens when it starts to pour? The last thing you want is for your pack to leak and the items inside to get moist, or even worse—drenched.

  • 9 Style Truths That Every West Coast Girl Totally Understands

    03/30/16 ,via Bustle

    There's a intention why West Coast style is so often imitated, and it's because of one key word: "effortless." Much to Dick's envy, West Coast girls seem to have a lock on easy, eternal-summer vibes. Whether they're rocking artfully tousled plaits or

  • Dog Travel Bags: How to Judge the Right One

    03/31/16 ,via Top Dog Tips (press release) (blog)

    Whether your pet just isn't built for a hanker walk or your travel arrangements require your pet to be secured, dog travel bags are a good staple of any pet supply collection. Picking out the in all honesty doggy travel bag is more complicated than you may think

  • 10 Ways I Went Insolvent While Traveling, So You Won't Have To

    03/30/16 ,via Elite Daily (blog)

    The roll goes on. Over the years, I'd collected a good bit for myself, but Gabe dropped a ton of money in the month leading up to our departure on new necessities. Granted, if you aren't to some backpacking and are more likely to go hostel-hopping

Women Girl Vintage Cute Travel Backpack Canvas Leisure Bags School Bag ...

Women Girl Vintage Cute Travel Backpack Canvas Leisure Bags School Bag ...

Cute Ladybug Rolling Backpack Wheeled Backpacks Carryon Travel Bags ...

Cute Ladybug Rolling Backpack Wheeled Backpacks Carryon Travel Bags ...

Women Girl Vintage Cute Travel Backpack Canvas Leisure Bags School Bag ...

Women Girl Vintage Cute Travel Backpack Canvas Leisure Bags School Bag ...

Storytellers: Chester the traveling cheetah -

WESTMINSTER - ADAMS COUNTY – In Kathy Zook’s elegance at Hodgkins Elementary School in Westminster, she has a helper in the form of a world traveler who likes to teach kids about geography and epoch cultures. “He’s been to the Vatican. He’s been to Holland. He’s been to Paris,” Zook said. She is the Gifted and Talented teacher at Hodgkins. Zook wanted to awaken a way to get kids excited about places they’ve never been to. That’s when she found Chester. “I walked by and he was right at eye level and he was a brand new animal, still had his tags on and I was like, oh, you’re somewhat cute,” Zook said. Chester is a stuffed Cheetah that she has brought with her on trips around the United States and Europe. “It started about 10 years ago,” Zook said. “Chester was off on his commencement adventure and he had to have his passport. Zook created a fake passport for Chester the Travelling Cheetah to collect true country visas stamped onto its empty pages. “The custom guy in Frankfort was in a very bad mood and I thought Oh, this is not affluent to go well as I'm Chester with both of our passports and he looked at me and he goes "Was ist das. " Zook said. “I said, this is my classroom pet, will you stamp his passport, too. No be important where Chester goes, Zook says, he draws interest from the locals or other tourists. They either figure you’re crazy or there’s a story behind this. Over the years, friends and colleagues have brought Chester abroad. “He going to go to Korea here in another month,” Zook said. “Then, he’s going to Costa Rica with the vice principal on her honeymoon. Hodgkins Initial Assistant Principal Amber Velasquez says she convinced her husband-to-be to allow Chester to tag along. “Spurt, Chester’s never been to Costa Rica. Why not bring him with us. ” Velasquez said. Source:

7 Selfish Changes You Can Make To Maximize Any Travel Budget - Elite Daily (blog)

I conjecture you could call me a habitual life-quitter. Every couple of years — without fail — I quit my job, sell all my accouterments and buy a plane ticket to a new corner of the world. The travel bug bit me at a young age, and it hasn't stopped since. I always have the same attitude: I go as far as I can, for as long as I can. This means being very mindful of my spending habits while I’m traveling, in codification to stretch my money out over as many months as possible. Personally, I'm a fan of skipping winter. I leave in October and come back in Walk. I've become kind of a pro at chasing the sunshine. You know the basics. You need to save money, and quite a bit of it. You will have to contrive some sacrifices and work some extra shifts. The good news is, once you have enough for plane ticket, the rest is spending wherewithal. Seeing your travel fund grow is the best motivation there is. I promise. If I can do it, I know you can do it. Once you've booked your ticket, you are ready to go. Here is my recommendation on how you can travel the globe cheaply:. There are a lot of countries in this world. A lot of them are hot and tropical, and you can live there for as little as $20 a day, depending on where you are and how thrifty you are. Guatemala, Laos, Bolivia: The the public is your oyster. For me, that puts things into perspective when I am at home and trying to save money. A new pair of boots versus a week in Bali. Snitch on around for accommodation. Generally, I arrive at my destination and find a place to stay when I get there. Yes, that means lugging around my backpack in the blistering earnestness sometimes. But in this way, I get to find the very best accommodation for the best price. This is something you can't do if you book ahead of even so. Many places also have super cute little guesthouses that don't have. Source:

How to affected by a safari with kids -

The welcoming commission is right on time. We're barely off the runway when a pair of giraffes ambles into view. Soon afterwards we spy zebras followed a m of warthogs and a bunch of skittish, caramel coloured impala who leap away from the sandy track as the 4WD approaches. Our ranger stops the van, and we up cameras from backpacks and start snapping, forgetting that the midday sun is not the photographer's friend. We also forget that we're going to be doing little else than driving in a safari van, looking at animals for the A-one part of the next three days. However, it is so extraordinary, and we are so excited, that we simply don't care. I'm in Botswana with my husband Simon and children – Archie, 10, and Lulu, eight – fulfilling a scuttle list dream: a family safari in the Okavango Delta. I'd planned a similar trip about two decades ago but a stoush with the tax man meant I had to quash. READ MORE:. * Alexandria's elegant past. * Couple enjoy epic African safari. A significant birthday provided the incentive to ensure it happened this time, and we're headed for &Beyond's Sandibe camp. It's the first stop in an extraordinary misstep that includes two unique and contrasting safari experiences. OUT OF AFRICA: PLANE AND SIMPLE. We've just flown into the remote Chitabe airstrip aboard a Cessna Fine Caravan. The single-engine 13-seater operates as a bit of a bush taxi in these parts, ferrying favourable safari goers to their isolated camps in the heart of the Delta. From the regional town of Maun – which from the air looks like particle more than a collection of small square huts with tin roofs – it's only a 15-minute flight to Chitabe. But it's the stuff of Out of Africa fantasies, as we over at sandy floodplains peppered with shrubs and trees, shimmering waterholes,. Source:

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Cute-yet-snotty baby at the Fiesta de Chu'tillos in Potosi, Bolivia
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Cute kid
Cute kid shining shoes in La Paz, Bolivia
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Cute bundle of Joy on the way to Ziro
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