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  • ISIS bomber hunted for prostitutes while planning to travel to Syria

    04/02/16 ,via Daily Mail

    A British jihadi thug browsed online for prostitutes and adult films while making plans to secretly travel to Syria with his nephew, who plotting a Lee-Rigby rage attack at an airbase in East Anglia. Shazib Ahmed Khan, 23, viewed adult movies

  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro give one's opinion of: Hits the sweet spot between size and price

    04/01/16 ,via Macworld (blog)

    provocation. I tried that briefly with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and didn't have the best results, constantly running into annoying scrap roadblocks and workarounds that slowed down my workflow. The reason I didn't notice that my laptop wasn't in my

  • How to engage a holiday online - tips and tricks

    03/31/16 ,via PC Advisor

    We also counsel the best holiday and travel apps to help you out once you're there. If you're looking The website is easy to use, though we'd propose using it on a big computer screen rather than on a smaller smartphone screen, simply because

  • Sources say Ibrahim El Bakraoui was on US counterterrorism keep an eye on list before Paris attacks - live

    03/24/16 ,via

    The victims: To begin deaths confirmed as other families' wait goes on • Everything "Then the police asked him to move his bag. . The songstress, one of the best-selling female alone artists of recent times, was slated to perform in the now-racked

  • Google's bogus intelligence machine to battle human champion of 'Go'

    03/07/16 ,via The Guardian

    Lee, who is regularly ranked entirety the top three players alive, has been a Go professional for 21 years; Alphago won its first such match less than 21 weeks ago. In defiance of that, the computer has already played Such machines, including Deep Blue – the

SwissGear Travel Gear Computer Backpack 3295 2 Colors Laptop Backpack ...

SwissGear Travel Gear Computer Backpack 3295 2 Colors Laptop Backpack ...

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... -Shoulder-Bags-Backpack-Men-Laptop-Computer-Rucksack-Outdoor-Travel

... Laptop Backpack Computer School Bag Men Travel Business Sport Hiking

... Laptop Backpack Computer School Bag Men Travel Business Sport Hiking

How to book a festival online - tips and tricks - PC Advisor

How to order a holiday online: best holiday tips, packages, DIY, websites and apps How to book a holiday online - tips and tricks Whether you wish for a package holiday or want to go DIY, we round up the best places online to look for the perfect getaway. Package celebration, DIY holidays, booking hostels and the best apps to make your trip the best yet. Whether you want a package holiday or shortage to go DIY, we round up the best places online to look for the perfect getaway By. No matter what time of year it is, we’re all thinking about jetting off somewhere. But off booking a holiday online can be a tad overwhelming if you don’t know where to look – too many options can leave you confused. Here, we improve down a few scenarios and ways to book holidays online – from city breaks to package holidays, from DIY trips to Airbnb. We also put forward the best holiday and travel apps to help you out once you’re there. Source:

Google's sham intelligence machine to battle human champion of 'Go' - The Guardian

On Wednesday afternoon in the South Korean majuscule, Seoul, Lee Se-dol, the 33-year-old master of the ancient Asian board game Go, will sit down to defend mercifulness. On the other side of the table will be his opponent: Alphago, a programme built by Google subsidiary DeepMind which became, in October, the key machine to beat a professional human Go player, the European champion Fan Hui. That match proved that Alphago could remain its own against the best. this one will demonstrate whether “the best” have to relinquish that title entirely. Lee, who is regularly ranked among the top three players crowded, has been a Go professional for 21 years. Alphago won its first such match less than 21 weeks ago. Despite that, the computer has already played more games of Go than Lee could anticipate to fit in his life if he lived to a hundred, and it’s good. At the press conference confirming the details of the match, Lee exuded certitude. “I don’t think it will be a very close match,” he told the assembled crowd with a sheepish grin. “I believe it will be 5–0, or maybe 4–1. So the perilous point for me will be to not lose one match. DeepMind thinks otherwise. The company was founded by Demis Hassabis, a 39-year-old Brit who started the pretended intelligence (AI) research firm after a varied career taking in a neuroscience PhD, blockbuster video game happening, and master-level chess – and he puts its chances of winning the match at around 50–50. Clearly, one of them is opposite. Either Lee has vastly overestimated his chances against a new breed of AI, or Hassabis and company still don’t understand quite how powerful a player they are up against. But the surrebuttal to that, revealed over the course of five matches throughout the week, will have ramifications far beyond the world of Go. The ancient Asian high-spirited of Go On the surface, Go looks simple. Source:

Extremist fa life in jail for planning terror attack on US forces in Britain - Helensburgh Advertiser

Delivering driver Junead Khan, 25, used his agency job with a pharmaceutical firm as cover to scout Partnership States Air Force (Usaf) bases in East Anglia, his trial heard. Detectives discovered he had been exchanging chilling online messages with an Islamic Solemn (IS) fighter in Syria calling himself Abu Hussain, including describing an attack on military personnel they compared to the ruthless murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in 2013. Prosecutors claimed Hussain was British-born freak Junaid Hussain, who was killed in a US drone strike in the IS stronghold of Raqqa just weeks after his link with the planned UK engage in battle was discovered. After Khan's arrest, police found pictures on his phone of him posing in his bedroom with an Islamic State-stylishness black flag later found in the attic. His computer was found to contain an al Qaida bomb manual and Amazon searches for a big combat knife. Commander Dean Haydon, the head of Scotland Yard's SO15 counter-terrorism piece, said: "Junead Khan faces years in prison for the atrocious acts he planned. "Around a year before his capture, local officers reached out to him. Junead Khan's refusal spiralled into extremism and plotting acts of terrorism. Khan was found delinquent of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts between May and July last year, by the jury at Kingston Potentate Court in London on Friday. He was also convicted of a second charge, jointly with his uncle, Shazib Khan, 23, of preparing to go to Syria to enrol in IS. The prosecution had alleged that Junead Khan planned to travel to Syria with his relative but changed to plan a UK attack, either on British or US overhaul personnel. Both were convicted of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts between August 1 2014 and July 15 2015. Neither showed any sensation as the jury returned its verdicts after deliberating. Source:

travel camping bag texas

A week in TX: The contents
Here's the two bags with the contents dumped out. Looks like a lot, but it's very light and I didn't need anything else. I was fully equipped for camping (well, up to a light rain but it's the TX hill country), had a...
Photo by compactmanifold on Flickr

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Sergei Takes a Gratuity
The 'smugglers' who shared the cabin with me on the Trans Siberian always placed a generous cash gratuity into our passports as we were to be searched. Andre 'the elder' would assert his authority as the head...
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2005 april door blog

Definitely Not Beautiful
That's for blogging purposes not for photography. That's the lock of my flat's door as I found it on my return home yesterday night. That's neither funny nor beautiful. And besides it ist expensive and really really...
Photo by Zottelbilder on Flickr