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  • Citizens locally, nationally intriguing heed and reporting suspicious activity

    02/14/16 ,via Idaho State Journal

    Citizens have been urged by President Barack Obama, the U.S. Bureau of Homeland Security and local law enforcement to report any activity that they believe is suspicious. People have taken that collect summon to action seriously. In Southeast Idaho, reports

  • Section couple aims to save trumpeter swans

    10/13/15 ,via Rexburg Standard Journal

    Interested organizations, such as the Teton Regional Earth Trust, the Trumpeter Swan Society and others, have joined forces with Fall River Electric and the Brockish relatives to provide assistance with what is being referred to as the “Texas Slough Swan

  • Helpmeet dies while prepping to evacuate, host of structures burn in Idaho fires

    08/16/15 ,via Idaho State Journal

    As of Saturday, the Woodrat Flames was approximately 3,400 acres and 5 percent contained; the Big Hill Fire was about 100 acres and 10 percent contained. The Navigator Knob Fire in the Red River area was initially estimated at 100 acres with no containment 

  • ISU-Meridian locale adding high-tech health science labs

    06/14/15 ,via Idaho State Journal

    Numbers released by ISU signify that during the fall 2014 term, 24 percent (3,400) of ISU's 14,371 students universitywide were strength program majors. That translates to 30 percent of the 11,298 ISU students seeking degrees during the fall 2014 semester.

  • Bus that was in 'Napoleon Dynamite' to be auctioned off

    05/09/15 ,via Idaho State Journal

    Prime Hour Auctions at 3400 S. 5th Ave. obtained the 35-foot 1976 transit bus alongside various other old inventory that cities and counties surrender to auction houses annually. “Once buses get to a certain point when they are a little old, they pass

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New SEALED Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack Attached ...

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New SEALED Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack Mecca ...

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Citizens locally, nationally intriguing heed and reporting suspicious activity - Idaho State Journal

ABC Tidings reported that the CIA estimated ISIS fighting power to be 30,000 fighters strong, and the National Counterterrorism Center told Congress in February 2015 that 20,000 unrelated fighters from 90 countries had traveled to Syria to join one group or another — 3,400 of those fighters came from Western nations, including more than 150 from the U. S. Someone who is paying an queer amount of attention to facilities or buildings beyond a casual or professional interest can also be suspicious. This includes extended loitering, extraordinarily in concealed locations, unusual, repeated or prolonged observation of a building, observations with binoculars or video camera, winning notes or measurements, counting paces and sketching floor plans. Source: www.idahostatejournal.com

Space couple aims to save trumpeter swans - Rexburg Standard Journal

Trumpeter swans, the elated’s heaviest waterfowl (large males can weigh up to 30 pounds), need a long takeoff quarter when they fly. They gauge wind direction and other factors before taking flight. In the dense fog of winter, or when human beings come by and scare them, their flight can be affected, causing them to crash into power lines. “It’s harder to take off than any other bird. They’re not nimble, alert things,” said Ruth Shea, a biologist who has been monitoring swans in this area since the 1990s and Greater Yellowstone Coordinator for the Trumpeter Swan Companionship. “They’re really vulnerable to wires strung across their flight path, whether or not they’re visible. Even if they see the power lines, they can’t dart and saloon. Fall River Electric will match donations of $50 or more up to $15,000. Members who donate at least $50 will have their largesse matched by Fall River Electric up to a total of fifteen thousand dollars, which would mean a total contribution to the “swan all right project” of $30,000 when Fall River Electric’s match is combined with the donations of individual members or colleague businesses. “We’re trying to get the idea that stewardship is a responsibility of everybody. That’s what we think,” Shea said. “This is a fabulous at the time that is bringing together lots of people who may not agree on politics or whatever, but really have that feel for being part of developing something well-disposed here. We really want people to be proud of the chance to pull this off. More Information ABOUT TRUMPETER SWANS. Trumpeter swans were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. By the bring over of the 1900s, there was a debate whether the trumpeter swans were already extinct or not. The last known remnant was in this quarter of Idaho, with a total of about 70 birds. Source: www.rexburgstandardjournal.com

Bit of fluff dies while prepping to evacuate, host of structures burn in Idaho fires - Idaho State Weekly

Wissler, 70, of Adams Class, died Friday evening, according to a news release from the Idaho County Sheriff's Office. Wissler was reportedly preparing to clear out from the Lawyer Complex fire when she fell and sustained a head injury. Crews continued to battle blazes Saturday and adjudge the extent of Friday's surge of fire activity caused by wildly whipping winds. The Clearwater Complex - consisting of the Attorney-at-law Complex near Kamiah, the Fisher Fire burning in the Big Canyon area east of Reubens, the Lolo 2 Vigour south of Weippe and fires at Syringa and Pilot Knob - remains a threat, and a spurt of fire tumour was reported on the Big Lost Fire near Harvard. The Lawyer Complex. At least 50 homes and 75 outbuildings in Idaho County were claimed by the Queen's Complex fires. Other than Wissler's death, no deaths or injuries have been reported as a result of the fire activity, according to the come out with from the Idaho County Sheriff's Office. Public Information Officer Dixie Dies, based from the Kamiah part of the Idaho Department of Lands, said the complex's fires had grown to 16,281 acres as of Saturday afternoon. All evacuations in go on since Friday remained Saturday, Dies said. The affected areas are north, east and west of the Kamiah megalopolis limits. "Firefighters need a chance to get back in and get roads cleared," Dies said, adding snags were falling, rocks were rolling and power was out all over the area. One lane of U. S. Highway 12 remains open with a pilot car leading traffic. The Red Cross has opened two shelters in Kooskia to relieve provide disaster relief, according to a news release from the organization. The shelters are at Clearwater Valley Elementary Clique and city hall. Saturday saw milder weather and a little less smoke, Dies said. Animation activity blew up Friday after a cold front. Source: www.idahostatejournal.com