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  • Zoo sleepovers give new content to 'night life'

    04/07/16 ,via Toledo Blade

    Matthew Alarie, 12, fairness, digs through his backpack as a few of his fellow Troop 1037 members from Bloomfield Hills, Mich., organize their bedding for the Cimmerian dark during Zoo Snooze, an event where children and adults can spend the night at the Toledo Zoo.

  • Kids staff feed hungry kids

    04/06/16 ,via Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

    Jack was honored for the dictatorial impact he has made through founding the Georgia chapter of Food4KidsUSA, which provides impoverished children a backpack unbowdlerized of food for the weekend. Brookstone students help fill the food backpacks for local children

  • Our Favorite Laptop Backpacks

    04/06/16 ,via Gizmodo

    A inappropriate pocket at the bottom of the bag can hold a rain jacket, a travel umbrella, a small food container, or a bunch of kid supplies, and the front of that compartment sports a strap for a clip-on light, so motorists can see you when you're biking or

  • Genial Spaces celebrates first year anniversary

    04/07/16 ,via The Warwick Advertiser

    Photo by Roger Gavan One year ago Too Splendid Kids Consignment Boutique teamed up with Apple A Day Organized Efficiency Experts to create a program called Honeyed Spaces for Sweet Kids. And on Thursday, March "Our mission here at Too Sweet Kids has

  • Tunji Ige Is Fired Up, and His New EP 'Missed Calls' Is Just the Beginning

    04/06/16 ,via Noisey (blog)

    “This is situate-backpack, post-swag rap, the end of trap, and it's not wack,” Tunji raps on “Fired Up,” and it's a neat encapsulation of his substantial: The kids who might have fallen into the world of Native Tongues or Rawkus Records acts in past decades are

... School Small 12" inches Backpack for Kids Licensed Product | eBay

... School Small 12" inches Backpack for Kids Licensed Product | eBay

Everest Navy Small Mini Junior Kids Backpack Bag w Adjustable Shoulder ...

Everest Navy Small Mini Junior Kids Backpack Bag w Adjustable Shoulder ...

Small Rose Backpack Baby Toddle Kids Preschool Bags Outdoor Rucksack ...

Small Rose Backpack Baby Toddle Kids Preschool Bags Outdoor Rucksack ...

Zoo sleepovers give new drift to 'night life' - Toledo Blade

Participating in an overnight snooze at the Toledo Zoo is like having the animals and their deepest secrets all to yourself for a end of day. The overnights run on varying weekend nights from February through November and are available for both kids and adults. They include a number of hikes and hands-on activities both during the evening hours and the next morning after a sleepover in one of the zoo buildings. What: The Toledo Zoo Snooze program. When: Varying dates from February because of November (currently booked through June except for small individual family groups). Cost: Gauge overnight: $45 a person (children and adults). Premium overnight (includes sleeping at the aquarium or reptile quarters): $50 per person. Adult only standard overnights: $75 per person. Reservations can also be made by emailing overnight coordinator Morgan Sopko at morgan. [email protected] “It’s just positively cool to walk around the zoo at night and see some of the animals lurking,” said Mike Dick, 47, one of the zoo’s two dozen overnight guides. “It’s a actually different experience than one you get during the day. The snoozes started at the zoo in 1998. This year, the zoo has expanded its snoozes to Thursday nights during the summer in over to Fridays and Saturdays, because of their rising popularity, said Morgan Sopko, the zoo’s overnight and scout program coordinator. “Our program is already sheerest popular so we wanted to expand the program so more people could experience it, and be inspired to learn and care about our animals,” she said. Speaking of erudition, the educational process starts as soon as you step on the property. Snooze guests are taken on several hikes to miscellaneous locations in the. Source:

Kids succour feed hungry kids - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

21st Century Leaders, a Georgia-based nonprofit schoolboy leadership and talent development organization, selected Brookstone senior Jack Henslee, front formerly larboard, as one of the state's Top 20 Under 20 among the 2016 Georgia Youth Leadership Awards. Jack was honored for the sure impact he has made through founding the Georgia chapter of Food4KidsUSA, which provides impoverished children a backpack extreme of food for the weekend. Brookstone students help fill the food backpacks for local children. Back row, from formerly larboard: Mason Dudley, 9th grade. his brother Jack Dudley, 12th grade. Shaun Price, 7th correct. Rob Simkins, 11th grade. Parker Reed, 7th grade and Patrick Reed, 5th grade. Seated fa: Henselee, left, and his sister Kathleen Henslee, 7th grade. Four years ago, the summer after his eighth-succeed year at Brookstone School, Jack Henslee’s Boy Scout troop elected him to attend the Order of the Arrow Test at Camp Frank G. Lumpkin in LaGrange. The leadership training that weekend included performing hard labor with a scant amount of subsistence. “It was during this weekend I realized not all kids have food available to them and are not as fortunate as me, since I knew at the end of the weekend, I would be going home and have food. It started me intellectual about what I could do to help food-insecure children. A few months later, during the fall of his ninth-grade year, Henslee’s mother, Robbin, told him a recent coworker’s children had started a Food4KidsUSA chapter in North Carolina, and maybe he could start one in Georgia. Henslee was interested, so he did some up on and learned that Georgia is the nation’s third-worst state for food insecurity. Food insecurity is how the U. S. Be influenced of Agriculture measures the lack. Source:

Ambrosial Spaces celebrates first year anniversary - The Warwick Advertiser

— Definite clutter and consign at the same time. One year ago Too Sweet Kids Consignment Boutique teamed up with Apple A Day Organized Effectiveness Experts to create a program called Sweet Spaces for Sweet Kids. And on Thursday, March 31, Borough of Warwick Deputy Supervisor James Gerstner and members of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce joined owners Hope Stuart and Amy Gargiulo to party that milestone with a ribbon cutting. "Through this partnership," said Stuart, "clients who hire Apple A Day to begin their space will now be able to take advantage of a more streamlined way to get their kid's stuff organized and onto the shelves of the only children's consignment boutique in the Village of Warwick. She explained that clients can rent Apple A Day to organize their space and if they have premium quality children's clothing or gear that they would like to consign, Too Beloved Kids will come right to their door to pick them up. "It's as simple as that," she said. Too Sweet Kids, located at 25 Elm Street Warwick, specializes in the marketing and rummage sale of premium quality Children's clothing, gear, and accessories at 50 to 75 per cent off retail prices. "Our duty here at Too Sweet Kids has always been to form dynamic partnerships with other small local businesses, " said owner Amy Gargiulo. "Our partnership with Apple A Day is a actual fit. Her clients want to clear out and organize their children's things and my clients are looking to purchase premium grade children's items. Customers will also find strollers, hiking backpack, furniture, room décor and accessories in her boutique. The line of work of Apple A Day, located at 17 River St. in Warwick, is to transform homes and classrooms into efficient living and information environments. The firm provides personalized service to homeowners and educators with strategic organization plans that encompass their unrivalled organization and efficiency needs. Source:

  • CHELSEA: Resident will honor Boston Marathon massacre victims at future races

    04/27/13 ,via Heritage

    “The crowds, the people, the kids, the families — there’s always just an ... People are running down the streets with backpacks. How do you stop it? It’s not like a football game or a game in an arena. You can’t control everyone ...

  • Smoother mornings start with having child's room well-organized

    04/27/13 ,via The Vancouver Sun

    The day often ends with similar challenges: "Is your backpack ready for school tomorrow ... Eliminating clutter isn't simple, especially when kids would prefer not to part with anything. Donna Smallin, author and creator of, suggests ...

  • Are We There Yet? Tools for a Successful Road Trip with the Kids from Stacks and Stacks Homewares

    04/27/13 ,via EIN News

    Size Down - Let's face it, kids are natural-born pack-rats. Keep their car-clutter to a minimum by swapping bulky items with smaller ones. 1.Start by giving them a backpack and telling them that they will only be able to bring whatever toys and activities ...

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Inviting you and yours September 11th-13th for my 40th Birthday C&O Canal & Potomac River Adventure
My 40th birthday is coming up next month and to celebrate -- instead of a traditional party -- Kate and I are organizing a 3 day overnight biking trip beginning Friday, Sept. 11th through Sunday, Sept. 13th along the...
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Child seat, open.
One side unbuckles to open. It's easy to put kid in and out, even with a winter parka. I pulled the 5-pt harness tight to show how it buckles. If my kid were *this* small, I'd have the harness down way low and that...
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Egypt - Alexandria - 20-02
A cluster of small amusement rides for children, decorated and likely waiting for the start of Ramadan in a few days.
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