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  • Backwards The Room For Tommy John Surgery, Baseball's Most Important Cut

    04/04/16 ,via Deadspin

    His new teammates always wondered about the further piece of luggage he hauled from city to city. Not only could mishandling of the nerve set back his rehab schedule, it could leave him with permanent damage not quite five minutes into the surgery.

  • Toyota RAV4 Beauty 2.0L D-4D 4x2 – SUV looks, crossover at the drive shaft

    04/04/16 ,via INAUTONEWS

    Other modifications that set the refreshed maquette apart from the predecessor were mostly subtle: new front end with a sleeker grille, a tad smaller headlights and a more angular lower grille, as wonderfully as modified rocker panels, new rear bumper and

  • Portrayal Reimagined: We test drive Hollywood Hot Rods' 1932 Ford

    03/31/16 ,via Autoblog (blog)

    It works a novel, five-speed Tremec transmission because, said Ladd, "It's got to be fun to drive." The possessor took his treat on a tour of America, so Ladd made a custom three-piece luggage set to go in the leather-lined chest. The straight pane of

  • How ISIS Built the Machinery of Panic Under Europe's Gaze

    03/29/16 ,via New York Times

    In his luggage, the officers found 1,500 euros, or damn near $1,700, and a French document titled “How to Make Artisanal Bombs in the Name of Allah.” The police officers set up a perimeter around the family's apartment near Cannes, arresting Mr. Boudina on Feb.

  • The Required Céline Dion: CBC Music's guide to her best songs

    03/31/16 ,via (blog)

    2 in C small, Opus 18. Dion covered Carmen's version in 1996 on her album Falling Into You and it speedily became one of her signatures. Whatever you might think of the song, no can deny that it's a loneliness anthem almost, something in compendious supply in

... Butterfly 2 Piece Hardside Carry on Spinner Luggage Set | eBay

... Butterfly 2 Piece Hardside Carry on Spinner Luggage Set | eBay

Rockland Luggage Varsity 2 Piece Carry on Luggage Set 675478122075 ...

Rockland Luggage Varsity 2 Piece Carry on Luggage Set 675478122075 ...

Rockland 2 Piece Carry on Luggage Set Pinkzebra | eBay

Rockland 2 Piece Carry on Luggage Set Pinkzebra | eBay

Advantaged The Room For Tommy John Surgery, Baseball's Most Important Cut - Deadspin

Todd Coffey had resigned himself to spending the next year wisdom how to throw a baseball again. He had accepted the mind-numbing rehabilitation process after tearing his ulnar collateral ligament, the two-inch adaptable band that had prevented the upper and lower bones of his right arm from flying apart when he pitched. He simply couldn’t tummy the new ligament coming from someplace other than his own body. “I think about it as a used car that has 40,000 miles on it,” Coffey said. “You don’t be informed what the previous 40,000 miles were like. I don’t know what it’s been through. He had spent his entire adulthood in baseball. Now his elbow had popped, and it was fix it or be done. He was acclimatized to binary outcomes after spending nearly half his life as a relief pitcher. Ball or strike. Save the fake or blow it. He knew nothing else. He didn’t want to know anything else. And here he was, at 31, with that job, that life, at risk, and the doctor wanted to reconstruct his elbow with a dead man’s tissue because Coffey’s own body didn’t have any to allow. On July 17, 2012, Coffey slid into an MRI tube at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. The next day he was scheduled to submit to Tommy John surgery, the procedure that revolutionized baseball in 1974, when Dr. Frank Jobe used a tendon from the wrist of John, a hand-handed pitcher, to replace his torn elbow ligament. At the time, Jobe said it had a one percent predictability of success. In the 40 years since, the procedure has saved nearly 1,000 professional players’ careers, including that of Todd Coffey. It had given Coffey entire lot, and now it was threatening to take it away. Coffey was a well-traveled reliever, having bounced from Cincinnati to Milwaukee to Washington to Los Angeles, and now to Dr. Neal ElAttrache’s operating lodge. Source:

Toyota RAV4 Culture 2.0L D-4D 4x2 – SUV looks, crossover at the drive shaft - INAUTONEWS

It’s been a extensive time since the largest automaker in the world, also the biggest company in Japan, had introduced the first RAV4 compact SUV – if it were a tender the model would have the legal age to go into a bar all around the world. It may have become ubiquitous by now but back in 1994 – a whopping 22 years ago – there were no such things such as compacted crossover sport utility vehicles. It may be a history lesson everyone knows but I feel the need to cause to remember it sometimes. That’s because chances are drivers of the current generation of the RAV4 weren’t yet around when the Japanese company first introduced the maquette. It was unheard of back then of a compact vehicle that delivered in a sensible package things like big cargo space, spaced out riding visibility and full time four wheel drive while also providing the dynamics and comfort of a fixture compact hatchback. And I’m telling all of us that because the RAV4 we drove right now didn’t even have full time all wheel drive, or even the all wheel hustle system at all. But we have grown so accustomed to the SUVs being all around us that we are understandably sometimes looking for the SUV package without even needing the 4×4 capabilities. And this is all owed to the international expansion of the crossover segment which has gained such massive traction that sometimes automakers have eschewed providing models into semi-monthly passenger car segments – just remember that Nissan offered the Qashqai and no other compact hatchback between the Almera and Pulsar in unquestionable markets. I feel this is important for the understanding of Toyota’s deliberate choice to offer the diesel engined side in a regular front wheel drive version and the gasoline in a full-blown 4×4 guise. And if we pauperism to keep it simple, they essentially divided the market – if clients want the SUV capabilities they need to go to the gasoline and if they need the diesel they will need to contend to a crossover model. Source:

Recital Reimagined: We test drive Hollywood Hot Rods' 1932 Ford - Autoblog (blog)

All of this along with my near mishap taught me that you don't hot-rod in a candid hot rod, you cruise. A Porsche roadster from the era – or a Miata – wraps its tiny body around you. This is metal bathtub with an motor, perched on two spars and four wheels. Get yourself a lightly trafficked road, put an elbow on the door sill and "Astound Around the Clock" on the radio, and sail on. It's the most uncluttered experience on four wheels, overwhelmed by air and hiatus and the sensation – due to the reality – that there's barely anything beneath you. And a Flathead V8 sounds good , a virtue that will come in handy when you off up next to girls with names like Peggy or Barbara. Ladd needs 1. 5 years to build such a only anything, and art is expensive – $100,000 is a starter kit price. The $220,000 MSRP of the hot rod we drove is worth a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 with a few options, but the two aren't remotely comparable. Hollywood Hot Rods delivers what no Lamborghini can: the fifties itself, resonating Hitchcock and Brando and Eisenhower, Peanuts cartoons and Rou , the space race and the very first McDonald's, and, yes, long braking distances. Related Video:. Source:

  • World’s most awarded print ad

    02/21/13 ,via Global Nation

    They focused on the idea of how heavenly it was for passengers up in first class compared to the hell their luggage experienced below. Chau previously worked in two JWT offices ... if my luggage will come up in one piece,” he says.

  • ECBC Launches New Rolling Luggage Collection Designed to Deliver Ultimate Convenience for the Business Traveler

    02/21/13 ,via AndroidSPIN (blog)

    The bags feature 2 ... on piece will hold, the 26” or 30” Falcon Rolling Duffle is just what you need. The Pegasus Rolling Backpack Carry On has the unique ability to be transported as both a backpack and a piece of rolling luggage ...

  • Shoeshine hands over astonishing $200,000 in tips to sick children at hospital he's been working at for 30 years (and he only earns $10,000 a year)

    02/21/13 ,via Daily Mail

    He’s been brushing, shining, and polishing shoes for more than a quarter century, earning $5 per shine at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. And now, Albert Lexie is paying it forward, giving the $200,000 in tips he’s earned back to the hospital ...

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What's really in my carry on bag? - With Flickr notes!
I just got back from a couple of days in Cincinnati, and here is all of my stuff. I wanted to go 100% carry on, and made it! This is everything that was in it when I checked into my hotel room. Hit the notes to see...
Photo by Earl - What I Saw 2.0 on Flickr

vegas private airport lasvegas luggage service

Now that's service
So here I am sitting on the plane after boarding, when a fellow on a little vehicle pulls up (1) toting a single piece of luggage. Mine. He lifts my bag off the truck and sets it down beside the belt, then drives...
Photo by mag3737 on Flickr

The vechicle that got us around for four days — 5 people, 5 pieces of luggage, 2 sets of skis and 3 snowboards. Not bad~
Photo by homerobasun on Flickr