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  • FiDi & North Coast Crime Roundup: Ride-By Phone Snatching, Shooting, Many Muggings

    04/02/16 ,via Hoodline

    We perceive from readers sometimes that it can be depressing or frightening to read about all of the crime in these recaps. We'd like to point you to this week's SFPD Medial Station newsletter, in which Capt. David Lazar highlights some recent outstanding

  • PHOTOS: The 22 most salutary freebies given to SXSW-goers

    03/13/16 ,via

    Cell phone fanny pack – Leading an active lifestyle? Hate having your phone in your pocket? This thing, which seems to take its inspiration from the traditional 90's fanny pack, allows you to run or step and listen to music through headphones without the

  • DBelt Pro waist pack for management with large phones like the iPhone 6 Plus

    03/01/16 ,via

    The new DBelt Pro waist pack fits most unconfined phones (including the iPhone 6 Plus with a slim case). It also has the added benefits of being comfortable, water obstinate and stylish. The DBelt Pro sports two pockets in the front. The larger Velcro

  • Can you hickeys the best supermarket deal? Take the quiz below to find out

    02/11/16 ,via The Guardian

    Just 2% correctly identified the overwhelm-value deals in all four cases. Can you spot the best . 11 Feb 2016 3:12. 0 1. Yeah, I can work it out, but then I go into the calories per 100g on a 250g pack, and then try to get into to other similar items which

  • London's Country-wide Gallery boss fights to get rid of Star Wars street performers

    02/17/16 ,via Daily Mail

    There is also a stew with tourists having their wallets and purses pinched from their pockets as they watch the street performers, according to the Metropolitan The cops. In London all living statues on the South Bank and in Covent Garden are licensed

... Fanny Pack 6 Pocket Travel Waist Belt Bag Cell Phone Holder | eBay

... Fanny Pack 6 Pocket Travel Waist Belt Bag Cell Phone Holder | eBay

... about Leather Waist Hip Fanny Pack Bag with Cell Phone Pocket New

... about Leather Waist Hip Fanny Pack Bag with Cell Phone Pocket New

... fanny pack instead travel with this carry all fanny pack from everest

... fanny pack instead travel with this carry all fanny pack from everest

FiDi & North Strand Crime Roundup: Ride-By Phone Snatching, Shooting, Many Muggings - Hoodline

Lazar congratulates Inspector Stephen Paulsen on his retirement after 32 years of post. Paulsen "has been personally responsible for the capture of hundreds of auto burglars and has solved cases in our district from robberies to burglaries and assaults," Capt. He was a r model to many and was Investigator of the Year at Central Station in 2014. Capt. Lazar also reminds every one of his monthly community meetings from 6–7pm the third Thursday of each month at various locations throughout the district. Smear your calendar for the next one on April 21st at at Hotel Rex , 562 Sutter St. Woman with fanny pack mugged at noon. A woman 51, was robbed at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Washington Thoroughfare on the FiDi/Jackson Square border at noon on March 25th. She was looking down into her fanny pack when a man approached and demanded her lettuce. She got scared and handed it over, and he fled on foot. A robber on a bicycle snatched a phone from a woman in Fisherman's Wharf at 7:31pm Cortege 25th. The woman, 18, was on the corner of Jefferson and Taylor streets taking pictures with her phone when the suspect, a man of about 20–25, rode by on a bike and grabbed it out of her manual labourer. He and another man of the same age range fled on their bicycles southbound on Taylor Street. Group demands man's backpack. More money and another phone was cursed to the world of crime in a robbery at 11pm March 26th on Stockton Street at Geary Boulevard in Union Square. A man, 22, was vertical at the corner waiting for the light to turn green when three suspects approached and told him to drop his haecceity on the floor and walk away. He complied, and the fled with his backpack containing his cell phone, wallet and keys. Early-morning shooting leaves man in unsmiling condition. Woman notices ring missing during move. At 8am March 29th, a woman, 43,. Source:

PHOTOS: The 22 most productive freebies given to SXSW-goers -

AUSTIN (KXAN) – One of the perks of attending South by Southwest is the astounding amount of free stuff given away to those that attend the festival. (Free in the sense festival goers paid thousands of dollars to come to SXSW and the companies puke thousands of dollars to put their logo on something to get brand recognition. Any way you look at it, it’s a nice way for businesses to make an sensation and keep their product in your mind. The best way to do that, make sure it’s an item that someone is going to use everyday. Thousands of people heading result of the SXSW Tradeshow Sunday had the opportunity to walk away with one of these items:. Bags – Probably the most useful filler to carry during the festival. Or when returning books to the library once you leave Austin and return to the city you tangible in. The point is they hold stuff, and during the festival you’re going to get a lot of stuff to put in them. Water bottles (some may be pre-filled) – If the temperature rises in Austin during SXSW, moisten is essential. It’s essential regardless, so these empty bottles are a great way for companies to keep their brand in your hand. Heck, a courage that may already be full when you get it saves you a trip to the fountain during whatever Interactive session you’re in. 4. Lip moisturizer – The gigantic amount of talking you’re going to do at SXSW is going to dry your lips out. Or, maybe you haven’t been drinking enough water because you forgot to distend your water bottle, so you’re a little dry. It’s only natural that having one of these in your pocket will prove invaluable. Sunglasses and inflatable flamingo – Works exactly with the hat or maybe even better alone. One pair even has a bottle opener on the earpiece, kind of a double score. Why there’s an inflatable flamingo. Source:

DBelt Pro waist pack for operation with large phones like the iPhone 6 Plus -

Let’s kisser it, many of us find it difficult to leave the phone behind when we go out for a run. Whether we bring it along to track our route, harken to to books or jam out to a playlist, our phones serve purposes well beyond making calls. The new DBelt Pro waist pack fits most big phones (including the iPhone 6 Plus with a slim case). The DBelt Pro sports two pockets in the front. The larger Velcro pocket holds your phone recumbent against your body and the smaller zippered pocket is great for stashing cash, credit cards, an ID and a key. The band is wider in the fa (4 inches) than the back (2 inches), allowing it to ride lower for more mobility and stability. The X-tra Dry fabric wicks personally too. The DBelt Pro comes in multiple waist sizes to provide a snug fit with no bounce. Even when stuffed with a large phone, the low surplus design makes the belt both comfortable and discrete. In fact, it has a slim enough fit to be covered by your shirt, as long as you don’t bunk it with bulky set of keys (which I don't recommend). Because the pockets are in the front, your gear is easy to access. There’s also an additional small pocket in the back that could have a couple of gels, but the rear pocket has no closure. While I didn’t lose any gels on the run, I would have felt a bit safer if the pocket had a zipper or the pack had a combine of gel loops instead. (The Dbelt Pro can be worn with the main compartments in the back if preferred. While most waist packs tender little in the way of style, the DBelt Pro is sleek and won’t remind you of an old school fanny pack. While its functionality will appeal to both sexes, the flattering plot should attract a strong female following. The DBelt Pro comes in seven different sizes and accommodates waists from 26 to 50 inches. Source:

  • Rapha Classic Wind Jacket - Just In

    02/21/13 ,via Bike Radar

    an adjustable waist and sealed zipper. Sealed zippers on the pocket and main zipper The offset zipper comes up to the right of center on the neck, and a small zippered pocket on the front provides storage for a cell phone or something smaller. The tall ...

  • 20 Tips To Help Take The Pressure Out of Air Travel

    02/21/13 ,via Consumer Electronics Net

    12.Get Charged: Pack a cell phone charger in a bag that is easily accessible ... And of course, never place any important documents in the seat pocket in front. Chances are they might be forgotten on the plane. 18.Plug Em Up: If traveling with two or ...

  • POZ Presents: A Tell-All Interview With John D On The Downfall Of Bamboozle, The Rebirth Of Skate & Surf, And The Creation Of GameChanger

    02/21/13 ,via

    Coachella and Bonaroo, they’re all “Bring Them In, Pack ... a mobile game. They’re signed on. That showed us that these guys needed it that bad that they were willing to take a risk on me. What I said is that we can change a business. A mobile phone ...


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