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  • The The reality for Skiing with This New Jacket-Air Bag Hybrid

    04/04/16 ,via Outside Magazine

    The built-in air bag herd is small—there's room for a shovel and probe, but that's it—while the mesh vest has a sleeve for a hydration bladder (situated next to the carcass, so liquids won't freeze) and a pocket for your transceiver (wearing one in a

  • Tiring Ordeal in Arco Tunnel Boosts Bat Science

    04/03/16 ,via Twin Falls Times-News

    Nationwide Park Service vegetation ecologist Jim Bromberg, left, points across the snow near the entrance of Arco Hole on Feb. 11, as he talks to Idaho Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist Ross Winton, foreground, and NPS intern Arianne Millet.

  • Jim Harrison and the Art of Attachment

    04/02/16 ,via Daily Beast

    Just west of the small burgh of Patagonia, the house is isolated, though there's a county road that crosses the creek about a hundred yards upstream. It has a low stone Between then and the chance he bought his little house on Sonoita Creek, Harrison

  • What Are Some Backpacking Tackle Hacks?

    03/31/16 ,via Outside Magazine

    Backpacking is high-priced. You'll likely shell out at least $600 by the time you invest in a decent pack, stove, sleeping bag, and tent. Thankfully, there are affordable ways to disentangle some of your backwoods needs. Here's a list of eight items that I

  • No Reservations: Cuba

    04/02/16 ,via Daily Trojan Online

    They told us to be addition cautious at night in crowded music halls and to always either keep your valuables in your front pocket or locked in your backpack. Talking Government: Beyond the western Caribbean location of Cuba, the numerous valleys

Small Hiking Backpack | eBay

Small Hiking Backpack | eBay

SwissGear Stow Pack Hiking Daypack Small Backpack | eBay

SwissGear Stow Pack Hiking Daypack Small Backpack | eBay

Reflective Small Outdoor Travel Backpack Hiking Cycle Sport Waterproof ...

Reflective Small Outdoor Travel Backpack Hiking Cycle Sport Waterproof ...

  • Protagonist ‘finds’ herself with a trek on the ‘Wild’ side

    04/22/13 ,via Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday

    To backpack and camp day after day and night after night ... etc at campsites along the route between days and nights of hiking the trail alone from one small trailside waystation to the next, one has to admire her tenacity. Only the snowpack on the ...

  • Top 5 Hiking Essentials

    04/21/13 ,via Kidzworld

    This is a great start for a hiking backpack. As you get more advanced, it'll be important to pack things that may help you live for a couple of days away from civilization.

  • Top 10 Cruise Packing Tips

    04/21/13 ,via CruiseCritic.co.uk

    But I've also waltzed through the airport with only a backpack and roll-aboard suitcase prior to a ... comfortable shoes for long days of sightseeing or active excursions like hiking or biking. Tip 7: Save some room in your suitcase. Don't forget that ...

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Hiking up Bishop Pass
Small pond at Bishop Pass Hiking trip up through Bishop Pass, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada in September of 2003.
Photo by Dave Schumaker on Flickr

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Miscellaneous Backpacking Equipment
Here's some of the small items I carry in my pack when backpacking. I'm kind of a weight freak when it comes to backpacking. However, I'm also a map junkie and can't bear the thought of cutting up my precious topo map...
Photo by super-structure on Flickr