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Ruffwear Omnijore Joring System

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  • Control new winter gear for even the littlest snow bunny

    11/09/14 ,via Boston Globe

    Beat it your dog on an adventure, or let your dog take you for a ride, with Ruffwear's Omnijore Joring System, a skijoring system for Nordic skiers and their energetic canines. Strap the well-built, easy-to-use harness to your dog and attach the human harness 

  • Ruff Wear Unveils New Dog Cog-wheel for Two- and Four-Legged Winter Adventures

    10/03/11 ,via PR Web (press release)

    Ruff Wear, the best producer of high performance dog gear, unveils new products for the fall/winter season including the Omnijore Joring System, the Quinzee™ insulated dog jacket, an updated translation of the popular K-9 Overcoat™, and an improved 

  • Skatejoring in the bishopric: Urban mushing on skateboards is a kick for dogs and owners

    01/12/13 ,via

    Because the celebrity of skatejoring and urban mushing has swelled since then, Ruffwear has recently developed a general joring system with harness, human hipbelt and towline called the Omnijore ($150). Designed for the urban ecosystem, as opposed 

  • How To Use The Slackline Dog Leash: A Ruffwear Adept Start Video

    02/17/13 ,via YouTube

    How To Fit The Omnijore Joring System: A Ruffwear Irritable Start Video - Duration: 6:41. Ruffwear Admin 34,186 views. 6:41. Pet Product Study #07 - Ruffwear Front Range, Hurtta & Fleece Y-Harness - Duration: 13:48. Just Like A Lead-pipe cinch 3,246 views. 13:48.

  • Defensive wear for dogs in outdoors introduced

    02/01/12 ,via Deseret News

    An Oregon-based group called Ruff Wear introduced two products at the Outdoor Retailers show designed to tackle harsh winter weather, including the Arctic Trex dog boots and the redesign of a dog coat. The company's Cloud Chaser dog coat features a

omnijore joring system for dogs small the omnijore joring system is ...

omnijore joring system for dogs small the omnijore joring system is ...

Frigid new winter gear for even the littlest snow bunny - Boston Globe

Much of this mellow’s snow sports gear pushes boundaries and sets new norms. You’ll find some of the lightest-ever skis, boots, and bindings, chuck-full snowboard setups for the youngest-ever riders, and standard winter accessories that offer surprising twists. Let your toddler turn to on snowboarding Watch your toddler surf down the stairs on cardboard, or descend snowy hills on unspecified plastic objects — just like we did. Or get your budding rider snowboard boots that look as small as Christmas tree ornaments and a snowboard not much wider than a lunch tray. New this year, Burton offers a wonderful comfy Grom Boot that comes with 3M Thinsulate insulation and fits children with feet as small as 7C and 8C (the smallest boots in the business), and the compatible XS Grom binding, which comes with fun googly eyes and, more important, a wide buckle that’s easy to accustom oneself to with little mitten-covered hands. Use those with the existing and ever-popular 80cm Chicklet (girls’) or Chopper (boys’) board. Nine New England resorts, including Jiminy Top, Attitash, and Mount Snow, will carry Burton’s new and smallest 70cm board this season. (Keep an eye out for this board in retail stores next year. ) The ductile and forgiving board has upturned catch-free edges that will make learning even more fun. Attach the redesigned Riglet Pitch list tow cable to any of the small boards so you can pull your rider around for good practice. bindings $79. 95. 80cm on, $179. 95. . If you have ever fumbled with your cellphone while on a chairlift, left it behind at an après-ski bar, or tucked it into a pocket while skiing and missed an eminent call, then you will instantly recognize the benefit of this ingenious piece of winter gear. The Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf has a zippered filch with a see-through window on one end of the scarf that fits your phone, even in its case, so you have easy. Source:

Ruff Wear Unveils New Dog Supplies for Two- and Four-Legged Winter Adventures - PR Web (press release)

Ruff Wear, the unrivalled producer of high performance dog gear, unveils new products for the fall/winter season including the Omnijore Joring System, the Quinzee™ insulated dog jacket, an updated adaptation of the popular K-9 Overcoat™, and an improved Beacon™ safety light for low-light, high-traffic activities. In above moreover, Ruff Wear has reworked their rubber dog toys with fresh, new, easy-to-spot colors for the Sqwash™, SquareBall™, Gourdo™ and TurnUp™. This extraction of new products will be available through specialty pet and outdoor retailers as well as through http://www. com starting September 30, 2011. “Even our four-legged friends seem to put on their puppy faces with the slightest whisper of fresh snowfall. And so it goes, another day of getting out with our dogs to recreate and see the winter wonderland through the enthusiasm and eyes of our dogs. These adventures on to present great opportunities to put some of Ruff Wear’s most recent product developments to the test – the new Omnijore Joring System was tested with our four legged friends in snow and non-snow environments,” said Patrick Kruse, Ruff Wear's holder and founder. Ruff Wear’s new Omnijore Joring System: the talk of the trails. According to the OIA 2010 Outdoor Recreation Participation Report, cross-country skiing is up. 8 percent and skateboarding is the 3rd most frequented outside activity by Americans over the age of six with an average of 58 outings per skateboarder. There are approximately 4,968,000 skateboarders (9. 9 percent of the folk) and 457,000 cross-country skiers (1. 6 percent of the population). With the growing popularity of both cross-fatherland skiing and skateboarding, Joring is quickly winning over outdoor enthusiasts as a great way to connect with their dogs. Ruff Wear’s new Omnijore Joring System is ideal for. Source:

Skatejoring in the bishopric: Urban mushing on skateboards is a kick for dogs and owners -

On a unblemished afternoon on Portland's residential eastside, the gravelly whine of skateboard wheels on decade-old concrete becomes ear-piercing with speed. Two dogs of unknown breed gallop down the road, all smiles and flopping tongues, towing their big cheese on his skateboard via leashed harnesses. With graying hair and grubby Vans, the dog owner looks like the courteous of guy who practiced ollies before becoming the programmer, or possibly the designer, he is today. Those who enjoy people-watching or habitual Portland's Neighborhood Greenways may have witnessed this particular Portlandia version of urban mushing -- a bearing of land travel that involves a person being pulled by dogs while riding some sort of wheeled vehicle. On skateboards, urban mushing is called skatejoring, a riff on its sister-pleasure's Norwegian moniker, skijoring, which means "ski-driving. "My favorite thing about skatejoring is the fact that I'm not burning gas in my truck to go to the grocery trust in," says Paul Lyshaug, a construction contractor who lives in Multnomah Village and skateboards regularly with his Superior Pyrenees, Gracy. "Plus, you don't have to lock up your skateboard, like a bike, and Gracy gets exercise. " Skatejoring can forward the guilt of city-dwelling dog owners who know their pooches need more exercise than two walks per day. "A tired dog is a wares dog," affirms urban mushing expert and educator Liz Parrish. "Just like people, dogs get bored and antsy without enough utilize, which often translates into classic destructive behaviors -- chewing something they shouldn't, digging, fighting, premium barking, excessive jumping (on people or each other), and so on. ". From her home in the woods of southern Oregon, Parrish teaches seminars and runs an online, multimedia urban mushing clinic, Urban GO Dogs. In her manner, she doesn't just teach hard skills like command training. she wants her clients to have the opportunity to learn. Source: