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  • ​Threaten Tested: Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

    06/17/14 ,via Gizmodo

    How's It Assumed To Do It? Like all the packs that Ruffwear makes, the Approach sits on their Webmaster harness, a strong, padded design that securely wraps the dog's belly, armpits and breastbone. Comprehensive mileage to-date is around 25 or 30 miles

  • How to safely bike with your dog

    02/05/15 ,via Mother Nature Network

    Using a harness takes the sway off your dog's neck and ensures easy breathing. You can pick up something like the Ruffwear Webmaster harness or other calibre harness, which you can then use for hikes and other adventures. If you decide to stick

  • How to start management with your dog

    09/08/14 ,via Mother Nature Network

    Shallow dogs, extra large dogs, dogs with short snouts (called brachycephalic breeds), as well as older dogs and puppies might not be fit to be your operation buddy. We have a . For trail running, we use the Ruffwear Webmaster harness and the Roamer leash.

  • Expo for out of doors gear has luxury for people, plus many items for dogs

    01/25/14 ,via ABQ Journal

    James Gould holds a puppy wearing the Web Professional Harness in the Ruffwear booth at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. (Rick Bowmer/The Instead, storekeepers and big retailers are placing orders for next year's inventory. Suppliers extend from

  • How to hike with your dog: Tips, rules and serious gear

    04/09/14 ,via Mother Nature Network

    Harness: For dogs that pull, or if you're affluent over terrain where your dog might need some help from you, a harness will make the hike more comfortable and safe overall. Ruffwear carries a great collection of harnesses, including the Web Master which



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Ruff Wear Doubleback Strength Rated Safety Dog Harness Medium ...

Ruff Wear Doubleback Strength Rated Safety Dog Harness Medium ...

​Punt Tested: Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack - Gizmodo

What's It Theorized To Do. Ruffwear describes the Approach as an "everyday pack" that's, "ideal for day hikes and overnight adventures. " It's the subordinate largest pack in their range, sacrificing some ultimate volume for slimmer dimensions and easier carry. At $80, the Overtures to is a mid-price bag. I chose it as an upgrade to Wiley's previous Outward Hound pack, after that cheaper item came out of coordination during a short day hike, giving Wiley significant blisters, lost hair and chafing. I only ask him to carry his own water and food, so the Course's capacity should be adequate for even our multi-day needs. How's It Supposed To Do It. Like all the packs that Ruffwear makes, the Approach sits on their Webmaster harness, a cogent, padded design that securely wraps the dog's belly, armpits and breastbone. That harness includes a reassuringly strong control and metal clip point to guide, carry or assist the dog. Unlike some of the competition, Ruffwear permanently sews the drove to the harness. This means you can't remove the saddlebags alone or swap different packs onto a single harness, but the tradeoff is secure carry. these packs aren't tearing off even if your dog runs help of dense brush at high speed. The two saddlebags each feature a large, zipped main compartment with a smaller zipped "stash" division up top. The forward bias of the packs — they're deeper at the front than the rear — helps carry the load over the dog's shoulders, where they're strongest. Additional panoply loops stitched to the top of the pack give you the ability to clip on small items like a poop bag dispenser or Stygian light and there's reflective piping down the side of each saddlebag. Ruffwear doesn't state what weight the ripstop nylon worldly is, but it feels to be approximately 500D, which is a good compromise between strength, abrasion resistance and weight. Source:

How to safely bike with your dog - Coddle Nature Network

The benefits of biking with your dog, and some precautions . When you decamp your dog along with you on a bike ride, you're doing more than just tiring out a high-energy dog. You're also engaging his brain and other senses, as the dog travels speedily over a dirt trail or park path trying to match your speed. Having fun together is one of the best ways to finish feeling more connected to your canine best friend and being more connected has benefits like your dog being more likely to listen and pay attention to you. Stronger acquiescence skills is something every dog owner wants. When biking with your dog, it's important to take into account the same things that you would take into when running with your dog. These include knowing your dog's physical abilities and limitations on the speed and duration of the runs, your dog's age (too young or too old for the rigors of constant over long distances), the potential for overheating or breathing difficulty, the surface on which your dog is running and the dog's need for water. All of these factors scarcity to be weighed and adjusted to your dog's abilities as you get started, and they're covered in-depth in our guide to running with your dog. Not every dog should run alongside a bike, and a substitute alternatively may need to be a passenger in a basket or cart. Toy and large breed dogs, dogs with short legs (like dachshunds and basset hounds), stubby-nosed dogs with brachycephalic airway syndrome (like pugs and bulldogs) all are not good candidates to run alongside a bike. Choose, this activity is something meant for sporting-type dogs that have an easy time running and love to run all day hanker. Indeed, for these dogs, biking may be one of the best ways they can burn off extra energy on a daily basis. If you do have a dog that you deficiency to take on bike rides, there are lots of options for safe baskets and trailers for dogs of all sizes. Source:

How to start operation with your dog - Mother Nature Network

Contest with your dog is an excellent way to get both you and your pooch into top shape . But before you grab a leash and head out the door, there are some important things you want to reckon with. To keep your dog safe and you happy, check out this list outlining how to get started and what to do during and after your runs. Start at the right age and adequacy level. Before doing anything, consider if your dog is capable of running with you. Small dogs, extra large dogs, dogs with minuscule snouts (called brachycephalic breeds), as well as older dogs and puppies might not be fit to be your running buddy. We have a liber veritatis of breed types that typically make great running partners. If you think your dog is an ideal companion for athletic outings, then infer from on. While puppy energy seems limitless, you definitely don't want to take a young puppy out running with you. The influence of running can harm their joint and bone development, and lead to serious medical problems later on including ancient arthritis or fractures. Wait until your dog's bone growth plates are closed -- something that chiefly happens between 1-2 years old depending on the breed -- before you take her on long runs. You can ask your vet when that time is for your explicit dog. Once your dog is done growing, then she's ready to start strengthening up for longer runs. In the meantime, you can socialize your pup to people, dogs and other animals and training for agreeableness so that transitioning to running on busy trails will be a cinch. Your dog will meet lots of new people and animals and encounter multifarious different distractions while out with you, so getting your new puppy used to just about anything that you might come across is a great way to gear him up for outings in the parks or on the trails. On the spin side of this coin, you don’t want to push your older dog. Source:

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    A Wisconsin appeals court overturned a former school bus driver's conviction in the sexual assault of a student, ruling that a lower court improperly excluded some background about his accuser. The court on Wednesday ordered a new trial for Gene Echols, 26 ...

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    PRLog (Press Release) - Feb. 19, 2013 - Petjoy, an industry leader in service dog equipment manufacturing since 2007, is happy to announce the launch of it's brand new website located at The goal of the new site, according to ...

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