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  • Nullify Alert: Black Diamond Climbing Gear Issues Serious Recall

    04/01/16 ,via Popular Mechanics

    The carabiners/quickdraws were sold at Eastern Mountain Sports, The Gear Coop, Hansen Mountaineering, REI and other specialty alfresco stores nationwide and online at, and from December 2014 to 

  • Luminary Wars: The Falcon A Fanfiction

    04/04/16 ,via

    Chewie, set the despatch to Maz's place,” Han ordered before he began to tell Finn and Rey about the past and Rose watched Rey's eyes consume it all in. She had so much wonderment for the old story. Rose wasn't sure she .. Han gave her a quick half grin

  • Dave Morton Is Quitting Everest. Dialect mayhap. (It's Complicated.)

    04/04/16 ,via Outside Magazine

    After two years of unimaginable calamity, everyone from outfitters and Sherpas to would-be climbers and the Nepalese government is questioning the future of commercial mountaineering. And then there's Morton, a battle-scarred The client, a golf coach from

  • 'Unexplored 4' shows what its devs learned from 'The Last of Us'

    04/04/16 ,via Engadget

    The increased core on family, rather than just making the series' bombastic action set pieces even bigger, is one of many things the developers are bringing along from their conclusive big title, the post-apocalyptic masterpiece The Last of Us. And of

  • California 12-year-old readies for Mount Everest climb

    04/04/16 ,via Napa Valley Register

    Tyler will be accompanied by his dad, two of his trainers, another long-serving climber and local people called Sherpas (SHUR-puhs), who carry the gear for the trip. The group aims to reach the acme in mid-May, when the snow level is lowest. But first

... Tree Climbing Hand Claws Foot Spike Wall Climbing Gear Set New | eBay

... Tree Climbing Hand Claws Foot Spike Wall Climbing Gear Set New | eBay

Set of Ninja Boot Claws Climbing Spikes Ninja Gear | eBay

Set of Ninja Boot Claws Climbing Spikes Ninja Gear | eBay

... Navy Seal Polar Mountain Climbing Gear Set #01 Piton x9 + Carabiner x3

... Navy Seal Polar Mountain Climbing Gear Set #01 Piton x9 + Carabiner x3

Prominent Wars: The Falcon A Fanfiction -

Chapter 1. “Han, did you just capture the Falcon. ” Rose asked as she watched the legendary ship come aboard. She watched as his lips curled into a holier-than-thou half smile as he answered, “Yep. Chewie, let’s go see what kind of shape she’s in,” he said as he walked down into the bay. Rose followed, “Can we just take effect it and go. I’ll actually have weapons systems on that ship and that’s why you hired me originally,” she commented as they reached the ship where Han opened the door. Han looked back and winked at her, “I use you for other purposes now. Rose slapped his arm as they boarded the Falcon. Chewie headed to the cockpit to see what feather of shape she was in while Han and Rose went to inspect for life. They stumbled upon a girl, a boy and a droid. “Where did you get my ship. ” Han asked, looking over the inharmonious group. The girl spoke up, “It was in a junkyard on Jakku. ” she asked, the curiosity evident in her eyes. Han didn’t plea as he began walking toward the cockpit. Rose took over, “I’m Rose and he’s Han Solo. “I’m Rey, this is Finn and this is BB-8. We’re infuriating to get Finn to the Resistance because he’s a fighter and he got stuck on Jakku. If he’s Han Solo, does that make this the Millennium Falcon. Han answered ‘yes’ as he passed them to get off the despatch and back onto his current ship. Rose followed him. Rey right behind her spouting off questions. “Is this the same ship that made the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs. ” Han shook his superior and rolled his eyes as he corrected her, “12. ”. “If Han is the pilot, what does that make you. ” Rey asked after Han had led them back onto the Falcon to head out in it. He was perturbed someone might show up. Rose didn’t think he was close enough to hear her so she replied, “I’m a weapons specialist but we haven’t had those in a while so I stand-in as his girlfriend,” she admitted. Rey smiled, her eyes. Source:

Dave Morton Is Quitting Everest. Possibly. (It's Complicated.) - Outside Magazine

Dave Morton Is Quitting Everest. (It's Compound. ) After two years of unimaginable tragedy, everyone from outfitters and Sherpas to would-be climbers and the Nepalese government is questioning the unborn of commercial mountaineering. And then there’s Morton, a veteran guide who spent the past year asking: What happens when you try to furlough the world’s most lucrative mountain forever. For David Morton, it happened when he was going to see about some yaks. On April 25, 2015, the mountain marker and photographer, who is now 44, walked out of Thame, a small Sherpa village in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Since 2001, when Morton began working in the Himalayas—foremost on Cho Oyu and Ama Dablam, and then on Mount Everest as lead guide for Seattle outfitter Alpine Ascents—he had based countless trips out of the Thame Valley, a regional hub of about 1,000 people. One of his mentors and closest friends, Lakpa Rita, the immortal sirdar, or lead Sherpa, for Alpine Ascents and a 17-time Everest summiter, hails from the compass and has hired many of its men to work as high-altitude porters. Back in Seattle, Lakpa Rita’s daughters at times babysit Morton’s five-year-old son, Thorne. Last spring Morton, who has summited Everest six times, was in the pad he calls his second home, preparing to guide a client up a lesser known 6,000-meter uttermost called Kyajo Ri. The client, a golf coach from North Carolina, stayed at a lodge in Thame while Morton went to phylum gear in a nearby village called Thamo. That’s where the yaks were. He was having tea with friends when things in the building began to brandish. Slowly at first, then with unmistakable fury. The group ran outside, where Morton’s friends watched their home distort in a 7. 8-magnitude earthquake. After the shaking subsided, Morton and his friends checked on neighbors, but everyone was splendid. The damage in Thamo. Source:

'Trackless 4' shows what its devs learned from 'The Last of Us' - Engadget

Nathan Drake expectation he was out of the treasure hunting business, but the return of his long-lost brother pulls him back in. That's the basic setup for Unknown 4: A Thief's End , developer Naughty Dog's final entry in its long-running adventure franchise. After several delays, the daring is finally hitting shelves on May 10th. Family isn't a new thing for Uncharted -- we've spent the last few games with Drake's self-made kinsfolk of close friends. But that dynamic is about to change in a big way. The increased focus on family — rather than just making the series' turgid action set pieces even bigger — is one of many things the developers are bringing along from their last big title, the shaft-apocalyptic masterpiece The Last of Us. And of course, the game is also a chance for Naughty Dog to distill everything its learned from the complete Uncharted series. When last we left Nathan Drake, he was hanging up his holster and settling down for married autobiography with his longtime love interest Elena Fisher. The decision to aim for a safe and normal situation, rather than the lifetime of a globe-trotting, reckless adventurer, was the emotional crux of Uncharted 3. Whatever gets him back into effect would have to be something truly special, and the reappearance of his brother Samuel, once thought dead, certainly fits the restaurant check. -- buried treasure. This time it's a quest to find the lost spoils of British pirate Henry Every. For those not up to run with their naval history, Every was one of the most notorious pirates to sail the seas. His exploits, including one sally on a Mughal Empire ship that netted jewels and valuables worth around £600,000 at the time, made Every the discipline of the first worldwide manhunt. He supposedly escaped capture with most of his treasure, which would have been a tempting target for wise thieves like the. Source:

  • Getting high on heli-hiking

    04/22/13 ,via Montreal Gazette

    This all happened on a weekend trip lasting less than 72 hours: a marriage proposal overlooking a breathtaking valley in front of a group of strangers, a hiker overcoming her fear of vertigo and another climbing ... rest of us. It set a celebratory mood ...

  • Two years after Swiss climber perished on McKinley, wrongful death suit filed

    04/22/13 ,via Alaska Dispatch

    Staeheli set 41-year-old Irishman Jerry O'Sullivan up in the best ... In that post, Rutledge conceded that Staeheli failed to carry with him the emergency gear the Park Service demands guides take to the summit in case a client gets in trouble ...

  • Agents applaud Royal’s reveal of Quantum of the Seas features

    04/22/13 ,via

    Housed in a two-story, vertical wind tunnel, the cruisers can take a RipCord course that includes instruction and gear and culminates in two one ... the midship SeaPlex will transform when the sun sets. During the day, it will house a full ...

富士山 富士登山

Climbing Gear for Mt. Fuji 2010
*see also Climbing Gear for Mt. Fuji '07.
Photo by KE-TA on Flickr

jason climbing washingtonstate libertybell northcascades fridaynight washingtonpass beckeyroute gearroom gettingreadyforclimbing alpineplayground

climbing gear and beer
Liberty Bell via Beckey Route, Washington Pass, WA. More photos from this climb at Nadine's Flickr.
Photo by iwona_kellie on Flickr

friends wild cam country technical

used climbing gear - wild country technical friend cam
I got a bunch of used climbing gear from a friend. Unfortunately, not all of it is good enough to trust falling on. Wild Country claims to have invented the cams. This older piece appears to be one of the best in the...
Photo by jovino on Flickr