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  • Gal allows 35 dogs to be taken from home

    04/05/16 ,via Neosho Daily News

    One householder reported at 7:19 a.m. that a purse containing credit cards, a driver's license, a military ID, a Popular Security card and a child's school book bag were taken from a vehicle. Another resident summoned deputies at 5:10 p.m. to article that a

  • In the beginning Look Of Dobara Phir Se Unveiled

    04/04/16 ,via The News International

    In the notice, if you look closely, most of the actors featured are carrying something: frying pan, colouring book, bag, grip, etc. – and it serves as a reminder that the characters have their own stories as well as unique elements to their

  • Teachers get online surprise

    03/22/16 ,via Kitsap Sun

    In adding up to Craig's computer lab on wheels, first-grade teacher Connie Wheeler got two Chromebooks for her classroom and fifth-incline math teacher Desiree Hall got 10. Fitness teacher Michelle Bowman also lucked out, getting $800 merit of Frisbee

  • North Shore Tidings in Brief

    03/22/16 ,via The Salem News

    SeniorCare's “Meals on Wheels ” program is in impecuniousness of volunteer drivers to deliver noon time meals to homebound seniors in Ipswich. The hot meals are .. St. John's Episcopal Church in Beverly is asking the followers to donate book bags for Syrian children.

  • A Daughter's Expiry

    09/28/15 ,via The New Yorker

    A few hours later, a tradesman from the city medical examiner's office placed Chicken's body into a canvas bag and wheeled her out of the structure on a gurney. Her mother walked alongside, one hand clutching the gurney's metal frame. Murphy followed

18 034 Wheeled Backpack Roomy Rolling Book Bag Drop Handle Carry on ...

18 034 Wheeled Backpack Roomy Rolling Book Bag Drop Handle Carry on ...

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New Memory STOR Rolling Organizer Pull Cart Teacher Office File Tool ...

... BACKPACK Cute HORSES Best School Bags with Wheels for girls women

... BACKPACK Cute HORSES Best School Bags with Wheels for girls women

From the start Look Of Dobara Phir Se Unveiled - The News International

The in front look of veteran director Mehreen Jabbar’s upcoming cinematic outing, the much-awaited Dobara Phir Se, is at the last moment here and we have to say, it looks very appealing. The official poster features the film’s all-star cast in a happy, gladsome demaenour and hints at a fun-filled, compelling narrative that will be brought to life by these extraordinary actors. In the poster, if you look closely, most of the actors featured are carrying something: frying pan, colouring log, bag, suitcase, etc. Centering upon universal themes of love, life and relationships, Dobara Phir Se revolves nearly the story of six people in New York, their journey and showcases how they deal with life’s many shades. The presence of an coordinates cast that includes Ali Kazmi, Sanam Saeed, Adeel Hussain, Hareem Farooq, Tooba Siddiqui, Shaz Khan and Atiqa Odho, fully lends this upcoming film a lot of credibility. With background score by Haniya Aslam and the screenplay penned by Bilal Sami, Dobara Phir Se looks all set to turn up tell of a strong impression when it releases on Eid-ul-Fitr, circa 2016. And given the fact that director Mehreen Jabbar has a taste for thought-provoking narratives and is an intelligent filmmaker, Dobara Phir Se, in all likelihood, will be worth your time. Source:

CMU art follower tagged by police as prolific graffiti criminal - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Carnegie Mellon University art schoolchild — tagged by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Graffiti Squad as No. 1 on the city’s list of most-wanted offenders — was charged Monday with 58 counts of bad hat mischief involving more than $114,000 of damage in the city’s East End. According to a criminal complaint filed Friday, Max Emiliano Gonzales, 22, of Bloomfield was liable for using spray paint or thick indelible markers to write “GEM,” “312,” “BTK” and variations of those characters on walls, utility poles, bridges and other structures over the days couple of years. His graffiti tags, police said, could be seen in Oakland, Shadyside, East Liberty and Bloomfield, strikingly along Penn, Liberty, Fifth, Ellsworth and South Negley avenues, as well as Gross and Neville streets. 12, when an hand at East End Brewery in Larimer reported a box truck being defaced with “GEMS” and “BTK. ” The witness recognized Mr. Gonzales as an art admirer at Carnegie Mellon University. Detectives went to the university, where an employee told them that Mr. Gonzales — a junior who plays on the CMU hockey span — had left a bookbag containing spray paint and a graffiti sketchbook in a classroom a couple of years earlier. The sketchbook contained sketches with “GEMS” and “BTK. A search of Mr. Gonzales’ Facebook send for revealed numerous pictures of graffiti art with “BTK,” police said. “The graffiti tags GEM, GEMS, 312, Gemonious and BTK are eminent throughout the city of Pittsburgh, mainly on the East End, where Gonzales resides,” Officer Sloan said in the complaint. “It was determined the 312 tag was the court code from Gonzales’ hometown in [Willowbrook] Illinois and the extension for his cell phone. It was also determined that the GEM tag represented Gonzales’ initials in reverse. The BTK tag stands for Gonzales’ graffiti crew, ‘Born to. Source:

Culture by Doing at the Children's Museum - Wall Street Journal

But I did during a visit to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s new parade called “America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far. One of the attractions is a vividly decorated Pakistani bus that you can hop into and go for a pretend journey. There’s also a replica of an Indian Ocean dhow, a boat with steering wheels that you can spin and a conveyor belt that moves its trainload of coconuts from the hold to the deck. I was told the vessel also boasted something described as a “multisensory exploration” of the wagon-load hold. Plus, I’d probably have traumatized all the kids I’d have to push out of the way. The show is the fourth in the Upper West Side museum’s Far-reaching Cultural Exhibition Series, intended—as the name suggests—to create global citizens. And I can attest, from both pronouncement and ancient personal experience, that the best way to broaden horizons isn’t by lecturing kids about being better people but by letting them climb into, over and into done with things. Also, letting them play dress up, a pastime I never embraced but that my daughters were crazy about. The exhibit includes a Senegalese the fad nook where you can don all sorts of colorful fabrics, inspired by the West African tailors of West 116th Roadway. It’s part of the exhibition’s souk, or marketplace, where you can pretend to buy and sell spices, ceramics from Turkey and rugs from Morocco. If I have any estimation of the exhibit, it’s that nowhere can you learn how to haggle. And in my travels to that part of the world, haggling was an indispensable skill. And for parents and caregivers convinced their children would tender to stay home playing computer games, there’s an eye-popping interactive architectural experience. It allows you to seize mosques around the world, inside and out, as their images are. Source:

  • Soup's on for library foundation

    02/12/13 ,via World Link

    Diners have a choice of five soups, a beverage, bread and cookies. There will also be 'Old Barns of Coos County" calendars, note cards and book bags for sale. The Foundation meets at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the library.

  • The e-book revolution is bypassing U.S. elementary schools

    02/11/13 ,via CIO

    Have you seen the size of the backpacks that burden schoolchildren around the country these days A lot of kids are now using book bags on wheels, like luggage. Let's give them a break and let them throw an e-reader in their packs instead. Aside from ...

  • Blowing Out Birthday Candles: Australia Warns Against Birthday Ritual Due To Germs

    02/08/13 ,via The Huffington Post

    For all those who enjoy reveling in "back in my day" stories, you may soon have one more to add to the list: "Back in my day, kids were allowed to blow out the candles on birthday cakes." As reported by the Australian Daily Telegraph, guidelines from the ...