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  • Community Notes

    04/05/16 ,via Greene County Daily World

    Vincennes University will be hosting a visuals titled "Confessions of a Scholarship Winner" in the Beckes Student Unio Fort Sackville Office from 6:30-7:30 p.m. The presentation is based on Kristina Ellis' book with the same title. For more

  • Dr. Eugene Smith: An Alabamian New birth Man

    04/05/16 ,via The Crimson While

    From a slender road atop Stone Mountain, to Hurricane Creek, the iron wheels had spun on and on and he was far from finished with his work. Eugene Allen Smith was born on October 27, 1841, in the the library was progressive in ruins and most of the books

  • Ding Dong, Its the Pizza Utterance Robot

    04/04/16 ,via Daily Beast

    In Neal Stephenson's sci-fi story Snowcrash, people study pizza delivery to ensure they can put pies in customers' hands viscera 30 minutes, without fail. Not much is certain in the book's futuristic society, but the timely delivery of pizza is a

  • Gal allows 35 dogs to be taken from home

    04/05/16 ,via Neosho Daily News

    One citizen reported at 7:19 a.m. that a purse containing credit cards, a driver's license, a military ID, a Group Security card and a child's school book bag were taken from a vehicle. Another resident summoned deputies at 5:10 p.m. to account that a

  • Paraphernalia Startup Designs The Ultimate Carry-On

    04/04/16 ,via PSFK (blog)

    The way we technique travel has changed drastically in last decade or so. But how is it that it takes only a few clicks and swipes to book a trip to the other side of the faction, yet the way we approach luggage is still pretty much unchanged? Away, a

... 16 5" Rolling Wheeled Backpack School Bag Book Bag Carry On | eBay

... 16 5" Rolling Wheeled Backpack School Bag Book Bag Carry On | eBay

... TN89 Backpack Rolling Student Wheels Book Bag Navy Black | eBay

... TN89 Backpack Rolling Student Wheels Book Bag Navy Black | eBay

Hot Wheels Backpack Large 16" Book Bag Car Racing Black Green New ...

Hot Wheels Backpack Large 16" Book Bag Car Racing Black Green New ...

Dr. Eugene Smith: An Alabamian Reawakening Man - The Crimson While

With a bushy brown moustache and gold-rimmed spectacles, Dr. Eugene Allen Smith leaned up against the pine ferry crossing in Tuscaloosa and wiped the squeeze out from his brow. It was the summer of 1904, and the shiny black paintjob on his carriage had become dusty over the 21 years of traveling he had done in it thus far. From a close road atop Stone Mountain, to Hurricane Creek, the iron wheels had spun on and on and he was far from finished with his work. Eugene Allen Smith was born on October 27, 1841, in the latest town of Washington, Alabama. He attended the University of Alabama prior to its burning in April 1865, and obtained a Bachelor of Arts bit by bit soon after. He then attended graduate school at the University of Berlin, University of Gottingen, and finished his schooling with a Ph. D. in Geology at the University of Heidelberg. Jonathan Hays, a superior majoring in Geology, believes that his trip to Europe brought back valuable methods to the states. “I believe Dr. Smith may have been knowledgeable in Europe at the time before geology had a good foundation in the United States,” he said. “He brought back geology and became one of the oldest major geologists in the US. ”. At the rebuilding University of Alabama in 1871, he was offered to become the professor of agricultural chemistry and mineralogy. He took the job. Then, two years later, he became the number two Alabama State Geologist. He taught in the fall and spring and traveled in his wagon during the summer months. Todd Hester, the Alabama Museum of Talent History Naturalist, has researched Smith, and believes that he was a major figure for the reconstruction of the university. “As state geologist, he was principal for the geologic survey of Alabama and their mission of surveying the mineralogical and geologic features so that the information could be used by the. Source:

Ding Dong, Its the Pizza Articulation Robot - Daily Beast

Domino’s down under will pronto debut the Domino’s Robotic Unit , the world ’s “first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. ” It’s a three-foot-drugged, four-wheeled robot that weighs roughly 400 pounds and can keep up to 10 pizzas supportive of (and drinks cold) as it makes deliveries. Customers receive a code that they use to unlock the compartment to get their food and DRU’s cameras vigorous stream its route in case anyone tries any funny business. China leads the way when it comes to delivery drones. A courier crowd called SF Express started running delivery trials in Dongguan in 2013, and in March 2015 announced it would double-dealing its drone deliveries from roughly 500 to 1,000 per day. The aircraft cater to booming business in cities in south and east China, and the South African private limited company hopes they’ll deliver to remote areas soon. Of course we’d expect corporate giants to embrace robotic deliveries, but other diligent businesses have also attempted these futuristic services. Perhaps the most creative is Lakemaid Beer , whose drones delivered frosty brews to people ice fishing in the Minnesota wilderness until the FAA immure b silence it down. If that’s not the perfect drone-delivery scenario, I don’t know what is. Source:

Maiden allows 35 dogs to be taken from home - Neosho Daily News

Newton County sheriff’s deputies were called at 7:52 a. m. Thursday to further with the removal of the animals, which the 69-year old woman voluntarily gave up so they could receive proper care. The article stated that many of the canines had mange, while some were housed in her home and others in an old mobile home on the property. Source:

  • The Tely GoGuide

    02/14/13 ,via St. John's Telegram

    Please call Cynthia 639-7238 to book. • On Thursday, Feb. 14 people in the St. John ... The Nickel will be selling tickets on an incredible door prize — a locally themed Oscar swag bag filled with incredible goodies from all your favourite local ...

  • Carnival cancels 12 more cruises on troubled ship

    02/14/13 ,via CBS News

    They've been passed out plastic bags to go to the bathroom," Giordano said ... every cruise or every couple of cruises," said Herring, who also authored the book "The Truth About Cruise Ships." "So it may not be unusual to have recurring ...

  • February vacation week filled with kid-friendly events and activities

    02/14/13 ,via Herald News

    The habitat adoption, in effect for one year, includes a Certificate of Adoption; a book and toy keepsake related to the habitat ... And don’t worry; everyone will leave with a bag of feed to put their new bird house so the birds will have something ...

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With Interest Table: May 2012
A mostly bike related theme this month, with a few other things we couldn't resist adding in there. Learning to Love You More by Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July A beautiful book and project With Associates letter...
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What's in my bag today?
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Star Wars Collection
This is my entire (with the exception of 3 plastic ships and an Airfix model of Anakin's podracer) collection of SW stuff. I fed the images into Autostitch, but it distorted the bottom of the image too much, so I did...
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