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  • Infatuation Connection: Christian and Emma

    04/04/16 ,via University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

    I felt a hardly any bad since I was running from class. So I'm there with my backpack like, "Hi! I'm here!" He was standing by himself, and we kind of both looked It was funny because what a small mankind. Emma: He's a Republican and I'm a Democrat. We

  • 39th Tie Run spotlights brave efforts of disabled athletes

    04/01/16 ,via Charleston Post Courier

    And while that 35-instant head start won't get them to the base of the bridge, they will be protected from the packs of runners by a small group of helpers. Those who need to see them along King Street will have to be patient. Rodgers did a trial run of

  • Marathoner Sets Out to Run All of America's Governmental Parks

    03/31/16 ,via Smithsonian

    Autumn Ray trained for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials for six prolonged years. Her goal: a Women's “A” standard time of 2:37:00. But on a hot, dry February morning in Los Angeles, she realized her quarry was too ambitious when she missed it by 14 minutes.

  • Tips for shooting video with a Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera

    04/02/16 ,via Stark Insider

    The 80D served as a “B” cam to the Canon C100 II which is now my go-to camera whenever admissible — though, the smaller 80D (and 70D) serve really me well when discretion or stealth shooting is required. Overall, I was extremely When I run-and-gun

  • Maryland football pro day workouts: a running date-book

    03/31/16 ,via Testudo Times

    He's running the 40 shirtless. It's a unafraid strategy, and we'll have to wait and see if it pays off for him. 1:17: It's a windy day in College Park, so after everyone runs in olden days, it's time to switch directions. The guys ran with the breeze at their backs

Cycling-Hiking-Running-Hydration-Water-Backpack-Rucksack-Bag-with-2L ...

Cycling-Hiking-Running-Hydration-Water-Backpack-Rucksack-Bag-with-2L ...

Cycling-Hiking-Running-Hydration-Water-Backpack-Rucksack-Bag-with-2L ...

Cycling-Hiking-Running-Hydration-Water-Backpack-Rucksack-Bag-with-2L ...

12" Small Scooby Doo Backpack Dog Running Star TV Cartoon Boys School ...

12" Small Scooby Doo Backpack Dog Running Star TV Cartoon Boys School ...

39th Traverse Run spotlights brave efforts of disabled athletes - Charleston Post Courier

Not since a native paraplegic athlete fought for including wheelchairs in the Cooper River Bridge Run and Walk a decade ago has so much concentration been on disabled participants in one of America’s biggest races. Saturday’s 39th Bridge Run features two locals — Adam Gorlitsky of Mount Approachable and Marka Danielle Rodgers of James Island — vying to become the first paraplegics to walk the 6. 2-mile line, thanks to some rather expensive technology. They will be joined by a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Heather Abbott, who is participating in her win initially race since the terror attack. The spotlight on these courageous souls is having ripple effects, helping to coalesce a growing enumerate of local nonprofits, organizations and agencies to involve more people with disabilities in communitywide events, including one of Charleston’s biggest rites of develop from. The forecast is calling for the wettest start of the Bridge Run in its history. On Thursday, the 48-hour model at the Native Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicated a 90 percent chance of rain from 7 to 10 a. m. Saturday and 1. 75 inches of flood to drop “uniformly across the tri-county area” from 2 to 10 a. m. The forecast also calls for a south wind of 7 to 13 miles per hour. “This year’s Cross over Run is likely to surpass 2005 as the wettest Bridge Run on record when. 72 inches of rain fell that year,” said NOAA’s James Lewis Spontaneous, who has studied and tracked Bridge Run weather for years. Decade in the making The focus on the disabled is primarily due to the dynamic determination of Gorlitsky, who was paralyzed after wrecking his car on Interstate 26 while driving drowsy on Dec. At the time, the former Wando Elevated School basketball player and track athlete was 19. When doctors at Atlanta’s Shepherd Center, the realm’s top spinal cord and brain injury rehab. Source:

HQ laddie are unrelenting, brave: My experience as an HQ Drop-In Supervisor - The Rapidian

What is HQ. HQ is a decrease-in center for runaway and homeless youth between 14 and 24 years of age. If you find yourself walking, biking or driving on Land Street SE look out for the big, green HQ on our window pane. To learn more about HQ or to get involved please check out, www. It was the smack dab midst of December, and I found myself plopped on the floor of this crisp brand new building which still carried the smell of fresh paint, attempting to draw a sixteen year old’s toenails. Her hair and make up were on point, and the painted toenails were the last task on her liber veritatis. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to paint some blue on each calloused, sturdy toe. It was my first month as a drop-in head at HQ. I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I stepped into the HQ supervisor position. When I think of that day I smirk at my naïve self. I don’t over I understood what she meant by hustling for a place to rest her head. Forced to choosing to spend a night on a newcomer’s bed as a way to avoid home or the dreary winter cold. Always hiding and changing her story in attempts to not be found out. To not be found out that she spent the Stygian walking around downtown instead of going home. I didn’t know that the label of “homelessness” didn’t asseverate their entire story, and little did I know on month one that–in the year and a half that would follow– that I was about to get a little glimpse of some of the bravest and most accepting humans I have yet encountered. HQ youth are unrelenting and unafraid. Their daily reality often involves moving from couch to divan with their belongings stuffed into a small backpack. They have learned to be resourceful and brave. They know last night was not the last time they were asked to stumble on another couch for the. Source:

Law & Order: Bums man asks to be taken to jail - Chicago Tribune

Police responded roughly 11:15 p. m. Monday to a report of a suspicious car behind the Family Express gas station at 204 Silhavy Track, which an employee said had been there since 7 a. m. and appeared to be occupied. Police found the car running, lifted on a car jack with one of the tires removed and Kyle Walstra, 32, with a listed lecture in the 17000 block of Mississippi Street, laying across the back seat. Walstra told police he was on his way to vocation that morning when he got a flat tire and pulled in behind the gas station and decided to stay there, the police report said. He told the cops his home address was in Lowell but he couldn't go there for legal reasons and that he had been staying with a relative but was kicked out. He told constabulary he had been living in his car for about four days and had little money and nowhere to go, the report said. He asked officers to walk off him to Porter County Jail because he had nowhere else to go and would rather be there. When police said that they were not going to arrest him because he wanted to brace in jail, he said, "I'll give you something to arrest me for," and pulled a hypodermic needle from his pants pocket, the police statement said. He told police he'd previously used the syringe to inject heroin, the report said. The coppers transported Walstra to jail on a felony charge of possession of a hypodermic needle. man taken to jail. A Lowell man faces misdemeanor charges of marijuana chattels and possession of paraphernalia after Chesterton police said they caught him and a woman in a "state of undress" in a car at Coffee Brook Park. Police responded shortly after midnight Monday to a call about a suspicious car at Coffee Creek Preserve, 106 E. Morgan Ave. Police found a car that appeared to be occupied with the lights off at the end of a paved roadway. Police said as they approached the car, they noticed a. Source:

  • Abraham Hostel ranks among top worldwide best

    03/01/13 ,via Haaretz

    Mor was meanwhile running a walking tours company in Jerusalem ... breakfast, and a place to dump their backpacks after an intense day on the road. They need a place to relax and mingle with other travelers, basic information and tips, and once in a ...

  • UK man gets artificial plastic heart

    03/01/13 ,via

    However, his symptoms have improved since doctors fitted him with a new artificial heart device. The device can be run using a special backpack power unit rather than the large, fixed machines that must normally be used to power implants in hospital.

  •'s auto-renewal policy is clearly explained on its website: A short story

    03/01/13 ,via Baseball Nation

    Rosie bounded toward the door, backpack slung over one shoulder ... Maria bit her lip. Her bicycle's too small. And soon her clothes will be too small. Rosie sat at the table and sipped her chocolate milk shake. She understood that it was ...

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Day 413: My Cathedral
Today totally made up for my small bout of disappointment yesterday... I had truly been looking forward to the sure sun, and pure beauty, of an outing to Catherine Creek with someone. Today it happened, and I...
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ikea workinprogress imadethis jansdotter ikeafabric simplesewing simpledrawstringbackpack

Another Simple backpack with Trees
Based on Lotta Jansdotters Simple Sewing this is another Simple drawstring backpack. This is my third. The first one was a backpack with the same (IKEA) tree fabric. But this one is NEW and IMPROVED: not only is it...
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Triathlon Packing Plan
Literally everything I need for a weekend to the races. Except the bike an bike pump. Those are downstairs. And what I'm wearing.
Photo by Bill Ruhsam on Flickr