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  • Alexa feels long-way-off in Amazon's portable smart speaker

    04/03/16 ,via CNET

    The Tap is lightweight and fun to travel with, and the battery power and well-built quality are respectable. The Bad Because it's not But if you want either the best possible sound quality out of a compact Bluetooth speaker or the most advantageous version

  • Egypt editorial writer warns of break in ties with Italy over student

    04/03/16 ,via WTVQ

    CAIRO (AP) — The copy editor of Egypt's top state newspaper called on authorities on Sunday to seriously deal with the case of an Italian critic tortured and killed in Cairo, saying officials who don't realize the gravity of the case are risking a schism

  • Lifx Color 1000 Modish Bulb

    04/03/16 ,via CNET UK

    The Tap is lightweight and fun to travel with, and the battery power and intact quality are respectable. The Bad Because it's not always It's worth a look if you want Alexa on-the-go, but the Tap isn't the best Bluetooth orator or the best Alexa

  • Gold Spike transforms from smoke-filled honky-tonk to trendy hangout in downtown Las Vegas

    04/02/16 ,via Las Vegas Review-Journal

    It also acquired the shuttered Travel Inn Motel next door, which it renovated, built a come and combined the neighboring properties. Most of the people had a backpack or were carrying a bag. It's good, it's breathing moving spirit.” Many older Las Vegas

  • Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S is more than just a Fa knockoff

    04/01/16 ,via Engadget

    Brings me back to my college days, except this measure my backpack is way lighter. Those thin edges, by the way, aren't home to many ports or openings, but they don't deprivation to be. With the tablet docked in So although the keys provide a good amount of

O2GO® ML6 M7 Best Comfortable Portable Travel Oxygen Backpack Carry ...

O2GO® ML6 M7 Best Comfortable Portable Travel Oxygen Backpack Carry ...

Vintage 90's L L Bean Multi Pocket Deluxe Travel Backpack | eBay

Vintage 90's L L Bean Multi Pocket Deluxe Travel Backpack | eBay

... Print Daypack of Dinosaurs Backpack School Bag Travel Bag | eBay

... Print Daypack of Dinosaurs Backpack School Bag Travel Bag | eBay

Quantum Break Study - Den of Geek!

There's a contribute to of me that really, really likes Quantum Break . The story is intriguing, with enough callbacks to classic sci-fi tropes to sustenance a nerd like me invested for an entire playthrough, and the gameplay is inoffensive. Nothing in Quantum Break is noticeably innovative, mind you, but not everything has to be in order to be entertaining. That said, Remedy's follow-up to Alan Wake , a meet I love very much, never quite delivers on the promise of its extended development time. Quantum Found tells the story of Jack Joyce (played by Shawn Ashmore), who has gained the ability to stop notwithstanding after a time travel experiment goes terribly wrong and fractures time itself. Lots of shooting, crazy feats of every so often old-fashioned manipulation, and science experiments proceed, and the story offers up plenty of twists and turns to keep things attractive. At first glance, Quantum Break seems like a bold move for Remedy, which made a pre-eminence for itself in the early 2000s with the gritty Max Payne games before releasing the more recent Alan Wake in 2010. Unequal to the other two games, Quantum Break is decidely brighter and more speculative, straying away from the darker tones of its noir and hatred predecessors, but once you really get your hands dirty, it's impossible not to notice that Quantum Break is right on technique. Like Max Payne and Alan Wake , Quantum Break is not allowed to just be a game. Remedy has always been known to run around with the narrative structure of its stories. Source:

Delta Airline worker arrested with $282K in backpack - Las Vegas Review-Journal

Authorities say he’d planned to archaic off the secret cash to someone inside an airport bathroom, but they got to him first. Jean Yves Selius, a Delta Air Lines ascent agent, was arrested Saturday at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in U. S. Quarter Court in Southern Florida. He was allegedly caught carrying $282,400 in a backpack. Selius, 26, acclimatized his airport identification to bypass security checkpoints and enter a so-called sterile area from the outside tarmac ramps, according to an affidavit from Homeland Custodianship Special Agent Jon A. Longo. Selius, who was wearing civilian clothes, was approached by an airport operation public servant and asked to show the contents of his backpack. Selius did do willingly, the complaint said, “revealing large packets of specie wrapped in clear, vacuum sealed bundles. He then proceeded to tell investigators that he was being paid up to $1,000 to give the backpack to an unsung person in a bathroom inside the airport’s sterile area, the complaint said. He’d allegedly done such descend-offs before for about a year, earning close to $4,000 for his work. Selius only knew the men who paid him as “Ricky” and “John,” but admitted he knew the backpack contained a elephantine amount of money that did not “come from a good cause,” the complaint said. According to The Palm Beach Post, records show that he made an aspect in federal court Monday and will remain in custody up at least until a hearing this week. The case is not the earliest time airline employees have been accused of wrongdoing. A JetBlue flight attendant was recently accused of leaving 68 pounds of cocaine at a Los Angeles Worldwide Airport security checkpoint. And in 2014, authorities announced the breakup of a gun smuggling ring allegedly involving two Delta Air Lines employees at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. Source:

honda review scooter ruckus mphonline

ruckus 008
My new/used 07 honda ruckus. Reposting the most awesome review of a vehicle ever. Found this on the now defunct Honda Ruckus By Steve Natt There are plenty of vehicles that seem purposebuilt as...
Photo by Deetrak on Flickr