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  • University of Iowa category studies iconic female hero

    04/04/16 ,via Sioux City Journal

    "I've talked to 5-year-olds who survive Wonder Woman backpacks and absolutely think that they're Wonder Woman. And I've talked to Zach Power, P and manager of Daydreams, said UI professors getting comic books from their store isn't that common

  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro look over: Hits the sweet spot between size and price

    04/01/16 ,via Macworld (blog)

    I tried that quickly with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and didn't have the best results, constantly running into annoying little roadblocks and workarounds that slowed down my workflow. The vindication I didn't notice that my laptop wasn't in my backpack I

  • Eat your way back to primary with adorable randoseru Japanese backpack cakes

    03/28/16 ,via RocketNews24

    This year, Gargantua—one of the stores on its premises—is contribution a more modern-looking treat for a limited time during the spring season: a randoseru backpack cake. ▽ Gargantua opened in 1971 and was named after a connoisseur of exquisite food, a king 

  • Dog Proceed Bags: How to Choose the Right One

    03/31/16 ,via Top Dog Tips (press release) (blog)

    Picking out the honesty doggy travel bag is more complicated than you may think, and the search can be just as much fun as shopping for a purse or a new backpack. Another important criterion for selecting the best dog hang around bag is the quality of the

  • Chocolate Lab 2

    03/28/16 ,via Allentown Morning Call (blog)

    Our son, Andy, age 3-4 as best I can remembering, was racing around a Lehigh Valley Mall department store one time when he grabbed a hanging belt and pulled a whole affliction of them down on top of himself. He wasn't hurt -- which was lucky, because the belts

... backpack this well made sturdy indiana university logo backpack

... backpack this well made sturdy indiana university logo backpack

Best Backpack for College Canvas Rucksack for Men Laptop Backpacks ...

Best Backpack for College Canvas Rucksack for Men Laptop Backpacks ...

Best-Backpacks-for-Men-College-School-Bag-Korean-Backpack-Brands ...

Best-Backpacks-for-Men-College-School-Bag-Korean-Backpack-Brands ...

University of Iowa league studies iconic female hero - Sioux City Journal

"What fascinated me about Fascination Woman, she has been in print continuously since 1941. She is admired by multiple generations of women," Barker said. "I've talked to 5-year-olds who debilitate Wonder Woman backpacks and absolutely think that they're Wonder Woman. And I've talked to women in their 80s that grew up in the time that the Linda Carter boob tube series was coming out in the 1970s and they self-identified with Wonder Woman as a great role model for women in the Connected States. As she taught the original superhero class, she would always dedicate a part of the class to female superheroes. When she heard about the manumitting of the latest Hollywood blockbuster "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which has a cameo appearance from Wonder Baggage, Baker knew it was time to make a class specifically for Wonder Woman. Source:

Eat your way back to circle with adorable randoseru Japanese backpack cakes - RocketNews24

Gargantua / ガルガンチュワ. Address: Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku, Uchisaiwai-cho 1-1-1, Royal Hotel, Tokyo Main Bldg, 1st floor. 東京都千代田区内幸町1−1−1帝国ホテル東京 本館1階. Open 8:00 a. m. -8:00 p. m. Website Photos © RocketNews24. Dedicate Oona on Twitter for all the latest in limited-edition Japan releases and information about new openings and restaurants in all directions from Tokyo. Source:

Dog Journey Bags: How to Choose the Right One - Top Dog Tips (press release) (blog)

ne of the wonderful things about dogs compared with other pets is their portability. Not only can you bear them out for a run, but they love to ride in cars. Sometimes though, travel with your pet requires more than a leash or a seatbelt. Whether your pet just isn’t built for a covet walk or your travel arrangements require your pet to be secured, dog travel bags are a good staple of any pet supply garnering. Picking out the right doggy travel bag is more complicated than you may think, and the search can be just as much fun as shopping for a purse or a new backpack. Dog journey bags come in a wide range of colors and styles. The first thing you’ll want to consider when beginning your hunt is what you envisage to use the travel bag for. Your search will be different if you’re looking for a carrier for quick trips to the vet or an everyday bag to tuck your Chihuahua into while the two of you run around township. Dog Travel Bags: How to Choose the Right One. What type of dog travel bag do you want. Dog travel bags come in many special styles and you need to make sure you pick one that suits you. Cross body messenger or duffel bags are out-and-out for carrying a lot of weight, so they are ideal when you have a bigger dog – or lots of them. However, this particular design means that the weight is not distributed evenly and may not be the best choosing if you have back, hip or shoulder issues. They can be cumbersome if you’re hiking or exploring the great outdoors as well. If you love to have your dog along when you go out shopping or hiking, and she is two-dimensional enough to carry, you might want to shop for a dog carrier styled more like a purse or a pack. A fair number of sundry designs are available. The selection you make will depend on how heavy your dog. Source:

  • UK man gets artificial plastic heart

    03/01/13 ,via Thame Today

    However, his symptoms have improved since doctors fitted him with a new artificial heart device. The device can be run using a special backpack power unit rather than the large, fixed machines that must normally be used to power implants in hospital.

  • Satechi introduces BT Smart Trigger wireless shutter release for Canon

    03/01/13 ,via Digital Photography Review

    Accessory maker Satechi has announced the BT Smart Trigger, an iOS-controlled Bluetooth 4.0 shutter release for Canon DSLRs. It features multiple shooting modes including timelapse and long exposures, via the free Smart Trigger app. The trigger ...

  • Armed Men Try to Break into Golf Course

    02/28/13 ,via NBC San Diego

    A resident in the area told NBC 7 she saw two young men with backpacks jump a small fence toward a ravine before running away from the area. Nearby golfers said they saw the men get into a black Lexus and drive away from the scene.

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What's in my bag January 1, 2013 no Timbuk2 :(
As much as it pains me, I had to replace my favourite Timbuk2 messenger bags. I have mentioned previously ( that I had an elbow injury which had me get rid of the Laptop....
Photo by Do8y on Flickr

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Arizona Hiking Shack - new store on Thomas Road
Arizona Hiking Shack recently moved to this new store at 3244 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix Arizona. Arizona Hiking Shack has been a special treat in Phoenix since 1972. I think I first shopped here in the summer of...
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The best Sprite ever
Once across the border and beyond the stress of that escapade, we realized we were ravenous. We'd spent the last of our Bolivianos paying the taxi driver from La Paz, so we set about looking for an ATM. Oh, ho, ho,...
Photo by toastforbrekkie on Flickr