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  • The gendarmes BEAT:

    04/07/16 ,via San Jose Mercury News

    1100 barricade of Cotton Street, 10:43 a.m. A school-issued iPad was lost. 100 block of Chester . Horgan Avenue, 8:47 p.m. Four men were unloading backpacks from a carrier, but placed them back in the vehicle when a resident noticed their activity

  • Theory column: Reisman: Ban Confederate flag in school? There are better solutions

    04/06/16 ,via TCPalm

    If every Tom at Vero Beach High School had to wear, for example, a red top and same-colored pants (say khaki or black), no one would ever clothes "offensive" clothing to school. Undecorated book bags or back packs could even be uniform. Students won't like

  • Evacuation Dictate

    04/07/16 ,via School Transportation News

    Just as it takes a village to introduce children, it also takes an entire school district to be able to evacuate students from their school bus safely and effectively. So says Kathy Furneaux, administrative director of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

  • The fuzz blotter

    04/05/16 ,via Chicago Tribune

    SCHOOL BURGLARY: Enforce said someone broke into John Amico Hair School, 4335 W. 147th St., and stole a laptop and a notes drawer containing up to $400 on March 29. DOMESTIC BATTERY: Inkashi Wells, 22, of the 7500 bar of Ridge VANDALISM: A woman

  • Bit of fluff allows 35 dogs to be taken from home

    04/05/16 ,via Neosho Daily News

    One abiding reported at 7:19 a.m. that a purse containing credit cards, a driver's license, a military ID, a Venereal Security card and a child's school book bag were taken from a vehicle. Another resident summoned deputies at 5:10 p.m. to despatch that a

... Women Backpack Lace Denim Canvas Shoulder Bags Back to School Bookbags

... Women Backpack Lace Denim Canvas Shoulder Bags Back to School Bookbags

Back to School Bluboon Canvas Student Bookbags Backpack for Girls Boys ...

Back to School Bluboon Canvas Student Bookbags Backpack for Girls Boys ...

Girls Back to School Bookbags Sweet Stripe Canvas Backpack Messenger ...

Girls Back to School Bookbags Sweet Stripe Canvas Backpack Messenger ...

Belief column: Reisman: Ban Confederate flag in school? There are better solutions - TCPalm

Should the Indian River County School Food ban the Confederate flag. That's a question the board discussed last week after hearing about a racist flier distributed at Vero Seashore's Freshman Learning Center. The board opted to look into the matter in the coming weeks. When I first heard the ban hint recently from Tony Brown, local head of the NAACP, I thought about it for a few minutes and wound up with my First Make reparation cap on. No way, I thought. Displaying the Confederate flag is not quite the same thing as yelling "fire. There are lots of things that snub different groups of people. The Republican who could be our future president makes news regularly by saying or doing something martial to someone. The Democrats running for president may be more politically correct, but their comments are offensive to some people. All sorts of slogans and symbols — promoted by one race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, movement, political party, you name it — can be found offensive by someone else. But there's one idea Brown made later at a School Board meeting that was on target:. "I'm not talking about anybody's right of privilege of expression," Brown said. Brown has questioned the racial atmosphere in high schools for months. It came to a apex recently when students at the Freshman Learning Center created and distributed a racist flier containing the Confederate vexillum warn. The students were suspended, and rightfully so. Racism and xenophobia remain relatively quiet in Indian River County, but they be present. Their overt display, in cases such as those at Freshman Learning Center, is disturbing. The fact Indian River County schools have failed to congruous goals of a 1967 court desegregation order , amended in 1994, only adds to the perception that. Source:

Evacuation Importance - School Transportation News

Just as it takes a village to grate children, it also takes an entire school district to be able to evacuate students from their school bus safely and effectively. So says Kathy Furneaux, foreman director of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute, who has guided countless student transporters on the importance of drafting an evacuation organize, as well as practicing it and adjusting it, well in advance of the school year. She told STN if transportation managers are just now discussing bus evacuation plans with other administrators, they are too tardily. “You should never put a child on a bus unless you know how to get that child off the bus,” cautioned Furneaux, who led an STN EXPO workshop on writing an moving evacuation plan in July. “It’s imperative that you know how to get children off in an emergency. She stressed that building strong relationships with administrators, including principals, nurses and bizarre education directors, is crucial so that information on student riders is “flowing both ways. ” For example, a lass may have a latex allergy that the teacher and nurse know about, but not the bus driver. “Special-ed and transportation definitely have to work together as far as manifest limitations — looking not just at children’s disabilities but abilities as well. What strengths do they have. Then drivers and attendants can focus on children without those abilities,” she explained. Evacuating a busload of kids is “entirely, very demanding,” she said, so bus drivers and attendants must also consider their own physical limitations. “You have to be honest with each other about just how much you can do and can’t do,” Furneaux said, providing the benchmark of how to expedite the removal of students in car seats. “You must assess your muscle strength in your arms, legs and back. I had several people on. Source:

Soul after X Factor and how Sam Bailey is now shining in Chicago - Eastbourne Herald

Touring with a dominant musical like Chicago. working behind bars. the rise and rise of women’s football. Oh, and charming X Factor. When you meet Sam Bailey, there is plenty to talk about. Ms Bailey arrives at the Congress Theatre next week (separation April 11), playing Matron “Mama” Morton to approving reviews and ecstatic audiences. The lady with the very good voice, who won an avalanche of a million votes winning the 2013 X Factor, is on the road in every sense. And then there is Sam Bailey. This one isn’t an evaluate, it’s just a good old natter. She is a living reminder that there are real, normal grounded people behind the make-up. In point of fact, it’s make-up that she is slapping on in front of the dressing room mirror, ahead of a matinee at Manchester’s Opera Strain. But as proof that actors can walk and chew gum, Sam cheerfully fields my questions anyway. The first one is hard to check: casting a former prison officer as Mama – coincidence, fate or marketing. “Oh, that has to be a piece of smart marketing, doesn’t it. I did elect a little joke about it when I went into the audition, but I’m sure we were all thinking it would look great on the posters – prison public servant plays prison officer. But Mama Morton is such a terrific part and I still absolutely had to prove I was up to it. “I have a short record – quite long actually – of roles I want to play in musicals: Fantine in Les Mis, Nancy in Oliver, Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers, several others, but this responsibility was definitely on the list, and it’s probably the best one for me to start my musical theatre career and I’m truly proud of that. “It’s successful really, really well, and I think there are some people in genuine shock that I can actually act as well as sing. I’m loving every separate second of it. ”. Source:

  • BOE Candidate Profile: Chanese Coleman Of Mount Vernon

    02/28/13 ,via

    I was born and raised in Mount Vernon and went to St. Joseph’s Montessori School, then to Our Lady Of Victory here ... company Coleman & Coleman and have been doing givebacks like book bags, sneakers and T-shirts over the past six years.

  • VIDEO: Student at California high school hides in locker to catch thief and films gym teacher stealing cash from kids' backpacks

    02/27/13 ,via New York Daily News

    Justine Betti staged the undercover sting at Linden High School to bust the light-fingered lawbreaker who'd been making off with money stashed in book bags all year. The sophomore initially hid in the locker, as classmates left the room, to see the gym ...

  • Student hides in locker to catch a thief...and videotapes veteran TEACHER 'stealing money from kids' backpacks'

    02/27/13 ,via Daily Mail

    Linden High School sophomore Justine Betti decided to hide in the locker in hopes of busting the crook who has been plundering cash from book bags during gym class for the past year. Determined to obtain definitive proof, the sophomore once again concealed ...

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Acy's Bag -- 26 April 2007
My daily school bag. :D As a high school student, I used to have a large ornage coloured jansport bookbag & always carried wayyy too much around with me--textbooks, large folders, notebooks; when I got this bag,...
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I need you to write this sentence 500 times
A little something in honor of back to school time here. Kiddos, do not try this at home. I mean do not try this at school. and no this was not inspired by my children... it was me In junior high I was given what...
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Mardi Gras Jester Porcelain Doll
This is a Mardi Gras Jester procelain doll that my neighbor, Anna, brought back from New Orleans for Genesis. Going inside the grocery store with Laura and Genesis was not appealing to me this afternoon so I began to...
Photo by Anne Davis on Flickr