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  • HARDIN | When it Snows in the Deserted

    04/03/16 ,via Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

    As someone who backpacks with eight pages of wake notes, GPS coordinates of every water source within two miles of the trail and enough food to keep us alive for a month, I helplessly watched as my dissolved mass the grains of desert sand. I was

  • Hard Ordeal in Arco Tunnel Boosts Bat Science

    04/03/16 ,via Twin Falls Times-News

    Country-wide Park Service vegetation ecologist Jim Bromberg, left, points across the snow near the entrance of Arco Burrow on Feb. 11, as he talks to Idaho Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist Ross Winton, foreground, and NPS intern Arianne Millet.

  • Accomplishment under way to cover hiker footprints on Appalachian Trail

    04/03/16 ,via Forsyth County News Online

    DAHLONEGA — For decades, hikers from across the realm have flocked to north Georgia for the beginning of a bucket-list adventure. Laden with backpacks, camping and hiking gear, nearly 200 ordinary hikers a day start the Appalachian Trail , trekking 

  • Seldovia litt, artist debut new children's book

    04/02/16 ,via

    Her next book, "Small Feet, Big Land: Adventure, Home and Family on the Edge of Alaska" (Mountaineers Books, 2013), tells of the kinsfolk's further trips, this time with small children. "Tracing Higman shows the family hiking by the tundra

  • There's a Saying in Gaelic, 'Céad Míle Fáilte'...

    03/30/16 ,via Huffington Post

    In tons ways, it was like a scene right out of a movie. We had entered into a small local pub, tired and hungry from a lengthy day of traveling in the cold, rainy winds of an Irish November. We had stumbled blindly through the dark, a five-twinkling of an eye walk

Adventure-Time-Finns-Backpack-Green-Canvas-School-Bag-Hood-Hat-Costume ...

Adventure-Time-Finns-Backpack-Green-Canvas-School-Bag-Hood-Hat-Costume ...

Details about Adventure Time Backpack - Dance Jake Finn 16" Large ...

Details about Adventure Time Backpack - Dance Jake Finn 16" Large ...

Adventure Time Backpack - Dance Jake Finn 16" Large Girls Boys School ...

Adventure Time Backpack - Dance Jake Finn 16" Large Girls Boys School ...

Seldovia novelist, artist debut new children's book -

— In April 2013, starting from their Seldovia hospice, Erin McKittrick and Bretwood Higman and their two children, Katmai, now 7, and Lituya, now 5, set off to circumnavigate Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet by foot and finish raft. About a week out a storm stopped them at Aurora Lagoon on the south side of the bay. Low on food, McKittrick said she was bothersome to figure out how to keep her young son and daughter happy. "It was a real blizzard — blowing horizontal snow and 12 degrees," said McKittirck, 36. "Katmai goes into the alders and starts stomping and sticking his arms into the snow. She asked him what he was doing, and McKittrick said Katmai replied, "I'm a mammoth. That do inspired McKittrick to write "My Coyote Nose and Ptarmigan Toes," ''an almost true Alaskan adventure," she calls it, about a blood like hers who treks into the wilderness. When faced with adversity, the boy in the book imagines himself as animals and how they would cope with challenges. "Be the mammoth or the moose or be whatever. In a way, it's inspiration, but it's kind of a real technique," McKittrick said. Illustrated by McKittrick's sister-in-law and Seldovia neighbor, Valisa Higman, 35, the new regulations published by Sasquatch Books of Seattle had its official release in late March. McKittrick has been trekking with her bridegroom and later her children since they came to Alaska in 2007 — a move done by human power. She told that plot in her first book, "A Long Trek Home: 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft, and Ski" (Mountaineers Books, 2009). Her man Friday book, "Small Feet, Big Land: Adventure, Home and Family on the Edge of Alaska" (Mountaineers Books, 2013), tells of the next of kin's further trips, this time with small children. "Tracing the Heart of Alaska," about the Cook Inlet journey, comes out in 2017. McKittrick got the intimation to pitch a children's book when her stepmother in Seattle told her she had a friend at Sasquatch Books. Source:

There's a Saying in Gaelic, 'Céad Míle Fáilte'... - Huffington Assign

Situated on the west slide of Ireland , and nestled just a sort distance from the Cliffs of Moher - Ireland's most visited natural presentation - Doolin has become world renowned for its traditional Irish music , attracting thousands of international visitors each year. A seaside village with a residents of just 500 people, its rustic landscape makes for a cozy, tranquil getaway, particularly in the off season, and even in the austere, whipping winds of winter. Its most distinguishing feature can be found by stepping foot in a local shop, restaurant, bed or pub - as we did into McGann's that first night (and as we would for the following two nights) - and witnessing a most authentic display of Irish friendliness that seems to reveal itself more naturally in the Irish countryside. Indeed, having arrived in Doolin after spending three days in Dublin, we were reminded of what some might draft b call a universal principle of traveling: that the most authentic experiences are often found not in the lights and glamour of a city center, but in rustic encounters with lifelong natives whose customs and behaviors portray a more accurate reflection of the people and screwball of a country. But, as much of a stranger as I was to them - and as much as the people of Doolin were "strangers" to me - I have never felt more at ease than I did during those three short days of my stopover. Their genuine hospitality, exhibited in the most humble of manners - a warm welcome, a genuine smile, a brooding question, a deliberate acknowledgement - was enough to replenish and restore my soul, fulfilling the mission of my two-week long European adventure. Source:

Tamrac HooDoo Backpacks For Adventure Announced - ePHOTOzine (gathering release)

Tamrac has announced 2 new HooDoo backpacks designed for adventure. Made from spray resistant waxed canvas and PU coated, lightweight ripstop nylon, Tamrac Hoodoo packs star comfortable harnesses and high-grade components. Available in 2 sizes and three vibrant colours, the Hoodoo series is unavoidable to be your go to camera bag for hiking and outdoor use. HooDoo Inside. The Hoodoo18 is designed for carrying compact DSLR cameras or mirrorless systems extra a lens or two. Tuck your camera and extra lens into a Tamrac Goblin pouch and then pop them in the Hoodoo 18’s more elevated padded compartment, your personal gear in the main compartment and up to a 13” laptop in the laptop sleeve and you are liable for the day’s adventure. Larger than the 18 model, the Hoodoo 20 is actually 3 packs in one: a fully protective camera backpack, performance alone camera shoulder bag or stylish day pack. As a camera backpack, the Hoodoo 20 has easy access middle of the front of the pack to grab your camera. The fully protective camera module carries compact DSLRs and mirrorless camera systems with unused lenses. The top portion of the bag carries personal items as well as most 15" laptops in it's own protective sleeve. Or go over out the protective camera module and use as a shoulder bag with included shoulder strap. The included dividers are fully customizable to accommodate to your camera gear. Tamrac Hoodoo 18 £89. 99 inc VAT Tamrac Hoodoo 20 £130. 00 inc VAT Both bags are available immediately. Also recently announced were Tamrac's series of Anvil Professional backpacks , which are great for those that travel often with lots of kit. Source:

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Lakbay 7107 Outdoor Adventure
There is no certainty, there is only adventure.
Photo by Lakbay 7107 on Flickr

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Adventure Trek
Educo Colorado: Girl Scouts contract with Educo to provide a unique outdoor experience
Photo by Educo Leadership Adventures on Flickr

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Set for adventure
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