Timbuk2 Proof Backpack

  • Crave Ep. 231: Jeb Bush tweets a gun, Peep fires back

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    Crave stories: Jeb Bush tweets dead ringer of engraved gun, social media fires back · Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, comic order heroes · If Facebook 'likes' were votes, the next US president would be Crave giveaway: Wear-resistant Timbuk2 laptop backpack .

  • Computerworld's festival gift guide 2015: Nifty tech from $35 to $150

    11/27/15 ,via Computerworld

    How about a Bluetooth keynoter that's waterproof and dirt-proof, comes in wild colors and serves up great sound? Or a cute hold purse that doubles as a phone charger? There's a rugged action cam with surprisingly sophisticated features, a skilful

  • 16 Shrewd Laptop Bags That Make Traveling Chic and Easy

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    SackPack22 Dylan Backpack ($96): Proof that excessive duty doesn't have to mean light on style, this gilded waterproof travel bag is vying for a boils on your to-pack list. It has your back if unexpected weather threatens to ruin your holiday, taking on

  • Comment: Soaking up sunlight with the Solartab solar charger

    01/19/16 ,via Gizmag

    Although hearty-built, it does lack rugged, water-resistant, and dirt-proof features. And if you really wanted to march almost outdoors with a solar panel attached to your backpack, the Solartab couldn't help there either. Those looking to be able to

  • Axiom Gran-Fondo H2O Settle Bag

    02/22/16 ,via road.cc

    The leading one is truly whale-like and has gulped down a small pencil case worth of tools, two monotonous duty 26x1.75 inner tubes-one thorn resistant, the other goo filled (or three standard road tubes 700x18 to 700x35), smaller midi draw, micro jacket and

Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Hiking Backpacks ...

Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Hiking Backpacks ...

Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Hiking Backpacks ...

Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Hiking Backpacks ...

Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Hiking Backpacks ...

Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Hiking Backpacks ...

Computerworld's feast gift guide 2015: Nifty tech from $35 to $150 - Computerworld

Remember you have to spend a fortune to buy cool tech gifts for your family and friends. Think again: Part 2 of our holiday aptitude guide features an array of fun and useful tech gear that costs less than $150. How about a Bluetooth lecturer that's waterproof and dirt-proof, comes in wild colors and serves up great sound. There's a rugged action cam with surprisingly experienced features, a handy portable keyboard that folds down to the size of a pencil box, a hands-on computer kit to inspirit kids' interest in technology and a whole lot more. As always, we've included a range of prices as offered by various retailers, but be informed that prices fluctuate. Don't forget to check out the rest of our holiday gift guide. Meanwhile, here are our suggestions for mid-priced tech gadgets to give (or possibly to get. ) this year. The new UE Roll is an ideal speaker for anyone who likes listening to music on the go. The device is small, pale and shaped like a 1950s UFO, making it perfect to toss in a bag on the way to a picnic or the pool. Speaking of which, it's waterproof (IPX7-rated) and filth-proof, too, so there's no need to worry when taking it out into the elements. (It even comes with a "marine-grade" bungee cord for attaching to tackle. It comes in an array of bright colors and patterns, and most important, the UE Roll sounds great, with audio that pumps out in all directions for a frankly 360-degree listening experience. And with a nine-hour battery life, it's made to last from stem to stern even the most insane backyard parties. Direct price: $100. Retail price: $90. -- JR Raphael. Got someone on your gratuity list who's always jumping from computer to smartphone to tablet and back again. Logitech's K380 could be the perfect keyboard for them, pairing with up to three devices at a lifetime. Source: www.computerworld.com

Look at: Soaking up sunlight with the Solartab solar charger - Gizmag

2 kg), the constituent as a whole has a good heft to it, with the machined aluminum frame, glass top, and embedded electronics providing a density that feels like there's spot wasted space at all. Inside the Solartab is a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 13,000 mAh and on top there's a 5 W mono-crystalline siliconsolar panel. When it comes to porting circa extra power, the Solartab's thin profile makes it easy to slip in bags or hold in the submit with other gear. While the overall utility is fairly straightforward, the blend of function, hardware, and minimalist elegance makes this gimmick stand out as an attractive option for everything from daily use to emergency kits. Solartab is not the first product to link solar technology with a rechargeable battery and USB output ports, but it's one of very few that understands how solar charging works and does something consequential about it. In order for solar panels to efficiently capture the most amount of possible power, the surface needs to be flawlessly perpendicular to the direction of the sun's rays. Unlike most other portable solar solutions, the Solartab provides four – five if you upon flat – easy-set angles with its multi-position cover. The permanently-attached cover may not be the thickest, stiffest, or most expensive-quality, but it's sufficient enough to keep the Solartab clean and protected. As long as you're careful with your gear, it'll last over together. The cover itself is slightly larger than the panel's frame, which helps to keep the aluminum edges from scuffing against surfaces. (This was accidentally confirmed, twice, however it's not recommended due to the colophon being more pretty than rugged by design. ) The cover's smooth outside material still offers a bit of grip, and the built-in plastic strap keeps it closed shut when the Solartab is not in use. Source: www.gizmag.com

Axiom Gran-Fondo H2O Chair Bag - road.cc

Axiom's Gran Fondo H20 under the saddle partition pack is designed to help you cart 2. 5 litres of kit and a water bottle on a big ride and it does that job very effectively what is more. As the name suggests this is a bag designed to help you carry everything you could conceivably need on a big ride/gran fondo, or frolicsome including a spare water - or indeed your only water bottle if you don't have a bottle cage. Does it succeed. Er, yes it'll swallow a lot of kit. Buy it online here. I don't have access to light air tunnel facilities so I can't test their claims of aerodynamic advantage over traditional seat packs. it's best suited to smaller semi/solid geometry framesets and/or very tall riders. Plump for the standard two litre Fondo if you have less than 250mm of function showing. Complete with lifetime warrantee (to the original purchaser) the Gran Fondo is made from a hardy softshell 600d polyester, which remains in unceremonious health despite regular frisking from thorny foliage on my cyclo-cross and mountain bikes. That said, due in vicinage to it's stitched rather than welded construction it's water resistant rather than proof. Beginners guide to cycling things - how to carry stuff on your bike. This hasn't been a problem in the most part, even without mudguards and the fabric wicks dry kind of quickly. Use your common sense-if it gets truly sodden take it off the post, and get any tools out to prevent them succumbing to the orange defile and leave everything drying in the airing cupboard. Velcro straps feel slightly old fashioned and need the outright rigidity of more contemporary quick release brackets. Conversely, they make swapping between bikes a cinch, especially those with a deferment seatpost such as Cane Creek's Thudbuster. Being as 27. 2 and 31. 8 are default seat post sizes, fit isn't leach like everywhere narrower diameter. Source: road.cc

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What's in my bag January 1, 2013 no Timbuk2 :(
As much as it pains me, I had to replace my favourite Timbuk2 messenger bags. I have mentioned previously (www.flickr.com/photos/beorn_ours/7988163639/) that I had an elbow injury which had me get rid of the Laptop....
Photo by Do8y on Flickr