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Kurgo 00028 Wander Pack Dog Backpack
Kurgo 00028 Wander Pack Dog Backpack

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  • Keep supplies close at hand for a hike along the trail or a walk around the dog park
  • Features 2 saddlebags
  • Unique Adjustable Saddle Bag system ensures snug customized fit

Nathan Clip-On Deluxe L.E.D. Safety Strobe

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  • Modes include steady on, rapid flash, slow flash, or alternating strobe
  • Provides up to 2,500 feet of visibility
  • Attaches easily to reflective vests, clothing, and bags

Sony MDR-J10 h.ear Headphones with Non-Slip Design (Black)
Sony MDR-J10 h.ear Headphones with Non-Slip Design (Black)

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Price: $9.37

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  • Tangle-free cord (3.5 feet) is adjustable and stores away in backpack or purse
  • Neodymium magnets provide maximum energy with minimal size
  • Non-slip design is perfect for active pursuits like exercising and dancing

  • Padded pocket safely transports a 14" laptop, tablet, or other devices.
  • Battery can be charged easily in or out of the bag with the included AC adaptor
  • On-board removable battery with built-in PowerVine System delivers a 3000mAh charge directly to where it's needed. That's enough to charge the average smartphone twice.

ASICS Everyday Small Backpack 7664388 Product Description: For those everyday obligations, there's the convenient and compact Everyday Small Backpack from ASICS™. Spacious ...

  • Bucs rookie Robert Herron owes debt to Dashon Goldson

    05/18/14 ,via

    He had nothing but a backpack of clothes and pair of shoes. "That was it," said his aunt, Kathy Hales. Hales threw Herron The kid was small but fast, and Goldson remembers his drive. "I just knew he was out there training for a purpose," The

  • Candidates vie for three Bartow school board seats

    05/18/14 ,via Daily Tribune News

    These programs, such as the Backpack Buddies, the Bartow County College and Career Academy, the welding program at Cass High and the Bartow Education Foundation, are wonderful programs that assist the students of Bartow County. I believe that running

  • How to get 10 days' clothing in a carry-on and other business travel packing tips

    05/18/14 ,via Financial Post

    His toiletry bag goes inside his shoulder bag or backpack “because you have to pull it out for security anyway and it leaves more room for other things in your carry-on.” Female business travellers can sometimes struggle to pare Ms. Tuningly keeps

  • Yeats rising

    05/18/14 ,via

    In his backpack were two GPS systems, a tent, blankets, food, water, a cellphone, a radio, "and a good map," he emphasized. So we walked the sheep trail, hearing bleating near and far, rising through the afternoon higher and higher to eventually follow

  • 'An amazing tour': Arcata veteran returns to Iwo Jima

    05/16/14 ,via Times-Standard

    He said the ship he was on dropped a big rope and netting over the side, which he crawled down on to a small boat while wearing his backpack. "It was not like Normandy," he said. "The beaches were well secured." Once on Iwo Jima, Ed Mervich and other

  • DavidP

    Does this product exist: Heater attachment for a typical camping stove?

    I'm looking for something that can attach to a common small backpacking camping stove that runs on gas (or any camping stove for that matter) that is then able to blow heated air in a given direction so as to convert the stove to a typical heater. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? A link to a product would be great if it exists.

    Coleman makes heaters that are interchangeable with the same fuel canisters that you use for their cookstoves: Camping Gaz does also but I think they are only available in Europe any more.

A Small Blue Robot Backpack | unrelatedtolife

“We stood with Sally in front of the corner arts store and then my 2 year old threw his half eaten cookie to the pigeon. For a while after that, every time we passed that street corner, my son would point his finger and say, “Pigeon”. And I would think of Sally,” he finished the sentence and looked across the room where Steve was sitting.

“And you have not seen her since then?”

... Source: unrelatedtolife

Photo: The North Face E Race Boa / Used with permission from The North ...

Photo: The North Face E Race Boa / Used with permission from The North ...
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Adidas Running Backpack – Yet Another Running Blog

Adidas Running Backpack – Yet Another Running Blog
Image by

Small Backpack by Bensimon (Brown) | Sarenza UK | Your Rucksacks Small ...

Small Backpack by Bensimon (Brown) | Sarenza UK | Your Rucksacks Small ...
Image by

  • Abraham Hostel ranks among top worldwide best

    03/01/13 ,via Haaretz

    Mor was meanwhile running a walking tours company in Jerusalem ... breakfast, and a place to dump their backpacks after an intense day on the road. They need a place to relax and mingle with other travelers, basic information and tips, and once in a ...

  • UK man gets artificial plastic heart

    03/01/13 ,via

    However, his symptoms have improved since doctors fitted him with a new artificial heart device. The device can be run using a special backpack power unit rather than the large, fixed machines that must normally be used to power implants in hospital.

  •'s auto-renewal policy is clearly explained on its website: A short story

    03/01/13 ,via Baseball Nation

    Rosie bounded toward the door, backpack slung over one shoulder ... Maria bit her lip. Her bicycle's too small. And soon her clothes will be too small. Rosie sat at the table and sipped her chocolate milk shake. She understood that it was ...

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Day 413: My Cathedral
Today totally made up for my small bout of disappointment yesterday... I had truly been looking forward to the sure sun, and pure beauty, of an outing to Catherine Creek with someone. Today it happened, and I...
Photo by amanky on Flickr

ikea workinprogress imadethis jansdotter ikeafabric simplesewing simpledrawstringbackpack

Another Simple backpack with Trees
Based on Lotta Jansdotters Simple Sewing this is another Simple drawstring backpack. This is my third. The first one was a backpack with the same (IKEA) tree fabric. But this one is NEW and IMPROVED: not only is it...
Photo by Follow the White Bunny on Flickr


Triathlon Packing Plan
Literally everything I need for a weekend to the races. Except the bike an bike pump. Those are downstairs. And what I'm wearing.
Photo by Bill Ruhsam on Flickr

    RT @resendiz_john: When i was small, i would always think about running away. Id pack my little backpack, and leave for 30 mins, then come …

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