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LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - Retail Packaging - Black/Orange

List price: $69.99

Price: $58.56

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$11.43 (16%)

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  • Stereo Bluetooth headset for wireless music plus call functionality
  • Unique around-the-neck design that's lightweight and comfortable for all-day use
  • Magnetic ear buds snap into place when not in use; music controls on neck strap

Pecoware / Brown Bear Best Buddy Backpack
Pecoware / Brown Bear Best Buddy Backpack

Price: $18.99

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Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack, Black/Electric Blue, 17 Inch

List price: $200.00

Price: $71.99

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$128.01 (64%)

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  • Front organizer neoprene organizer for all of your business needs
  • Cool flow air padding on back for comfort and cushion shoulder straps
  • Padded laptop compartment and tablet pocket

Allen Company Canyon Hydration Pack (Realtree Ap)
Allen Company Canyon Hydration Pack (Realtree Ap)

List price: $64.99

Price: $46.99

You Save:
$18.00 (28%)

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  • Removable lower compartment for a 3 in 1 pack system
  • Padded back and shoulder straps have cool mesh for extra comfort
  • 13-Inch x 14-Inch x 6-Inch main compartment

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Herschel Supply Co. Camo Backpack Pop Quiz Review

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  • Memories Of My 16-Year Career In Video Games

    05/23/14 ,via Kotaku Australia

    I have two roommates; one is my best friend from high school, the other is a newer acquisition who, in the course of the year, will go full 1990s and keep piercing his body as long as there is a flap of skin to support it. My friend and I have decided

  • Apple Store Geniuses: A rare peek behind the curtain

    05/23/14 ,via San Jose Mercury News

    On this recent day, during a visit by this newspaper arranged by the company's famously protective PR machine, we watch as the Geniuses are put to the test -- the customers with the MacBook Pro that won't start, the unsendable text message, the iPhone

  • The tale of two energy bars in Winooski

    05/23/14 ,via

    The combination of ingredients provides a good energy boost and it travels well, Corbin said; she likes to throw a dozen in her backpack when she hikes with friends. Corbin has been pleasantly surprised by positive response to the Peanut Butter

  • Do Knoxville: Canoes, kayaks, zip lines and other outdoor activities

    05/23/14 ,via Knoxville News Sentinel

    The course is designed by The Adventure Guild, the company that introduced zip lines to America in 2010. For information on the zip June 21-22 Backpack, Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area (Crest Zone), Jefferson National Forest, VA. Total mileage

  • BREW REVIEW: Chugach Brewing Company

    05/22/14 ,via Anchorage Press

    “I've always wanted to work for myself and for me the best fit was to marry into something I'm truly passionate about,” he says of his aspirations to launch Chugach Brewing Company. “I'm going to continue to serve my country if possible and make the

  • Gersh

    What is the best backpack company for school?

    I had an old LL. Bean backpack through middle school. I started using it in high school before realizing that is was way too small. So i wanted a new backpack obviously. Without even really reading up about it i went and bought a new High Sierra Loop backpack off of amazon because of the looks and good dimensions. However, while the majority of the reviews were positive, i found quite a few negative revies reporting poor seams. A number of customers said that their straps were tearing apart and the zippers were coming off. As a quick question (if anyone can, this isn't the actual question) can someone provide a quick review on the loop backpack? It's new and was ordered offline. Anyway, my actual question is can anyone provide some insight into what's a good all purpose backpack company? Just the company is fine (although a specific backpack is fine) that is sturdy, durable, popular, and good looking. Thanks!


V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headset Impressions -

Over the years I've reviewed, worn, listened, and tried dozens upon dozens of gaming headsets . They've all had one thing in common - they were designed for gaming and communication first and audio second. That's not to say any of these headsets sounded bad - the Astro A30s still are still my go to headsets I use almost daily. But the latest headsets I've been testing are different...


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LOGO2.0 part I
part II: part I and II: licensed under cc-attribution-noncommercial-sharealike the diggwatchblog published a list with links and...
Photo by Ludwig Gatzke on Flickr

school afghanistan children soldier army fight war uniform image aircraft military united year iraq contest review honor best backpacks baghdad soldiers warrior states combat department troops medals

With hundreds of pink backpacks filled with school supplies and toys behind them, Soldiers from 1st Platoon, Company C, 1st Battalion 38th Infantry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division,...
Photo by familymwr on Flickr

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Mr. Fukwhad and Company Is All Smiles!
Kinal was so cool, that all of us ended up hiring him to explore Angkor Wat as our driver and tour guide. Thank you, Kinal! Best Regards, Mr. Fuckwahd, esquire.
Photo by joaquinuy on Flickr


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