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  • Bernie Sanders' Ghost Tweeter Keeps His Brooklyn Intensity

    04/03/16 ,via Fortune

    Sigala goes near—on dates, to parties and to restaurants—with his black backpack and MacBook laptop just in case something tweet-worthy breaks. He was driving “The most unsubtle difference in the social conversations around the 2012 and 2016

  • BackPacks provision children during break

    04/03/16 ,via Shelbyville Times-Gazette

    Consecrated Week, Good Friday, and all of the celebrations that all come with this time of year, including spring break. What better to look foster to than over a week out of school? But sometimes certain problems arise during breaks. While so many children

  • Hometown

    04/03/16 ,via Glens Falls Post-Star

    Prizes will be awarded for categories including: Our Borough, People at Play, Best Landscape, Best Wildlife and overall Best in Show. Only digital She spent nearly all her religious life in the field of education as a merry school business and religion

  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro fly-past: Hits the sweet spot between size and price

    04/01/16 ,via Macworld (blog)

    provocation. I tried that briefly with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and didn't have the best results, constantly running into annoying dollop roadblocks and workarounds that slowed down my workflow. The reason I didn't notice that my laptop wasn't in my

  • Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S is more than just a Exterior knockoff

    04/01/16 ,via Engadget

    The communiqu was clear: Samsung brought its hardware-design chops to the table, while working closely with the leading chipmaker and the company behind Windows 10. In theory, then, the TabPro S, was to imitate the best that each tech titan had to offer.

Dakine Grom Backpack Verde 13-Liter

Dakine Grom Backpack Verde 13-Liter

Details about ECU Logo REAL Camo Backpack BEST UNIQUE BACKPACKS SCHOOL ...

Details about ECU Logo REAL Camo Backpack BEST UNIQUE BACKPACKS SCHOOL ...

University of Miami Rolling Backpack Best Miami Logo Gifts for Him or ...

University of Miami Rolling Backpack Best Miami Logo Gifts for Him or ...

Bernie Sanders' Ghost Tweeter Keeps His Brooklyn Give prominence to - Fortune

Carry on August, Bernie Sanders sat on a Craigslist-bought beige couch in his Washington office plotting to snitch the social media spotlight from 10 Republicans taking the stage for the first televised debate of the 2016 presidential effort. Next to the Democratic presidential candidate, 74, sat 27-year-old Hector Sigala, his digital media foreman. For the next two hours, Sigala turned Sanders’ sometimes acerbic, sometimes funny running commentary into a creek of 140-character tweets using the hashtag #DebateWithBernie that stole the show—at least on Twitter. Some 17 million people were reached during the question, according to the campaign’s Twitter data reviewed by Reuters. It was the first in a string of Twitter wins by Sanders during a presidential contend widely viewed as a coming-of-age moment for social media in national politics. Sanders didn’t even ban when the debate was interrupted by commercials. When an ad for a new Tom Hanks film appeared, he tweeted: “Tom Hanks. Eight months later, Sigala is a key lieutenant in the Sanders offensive for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, one of a new breed of digital media specialists who have become indispensable in an appointment where platforms like Twitter allow candidates to communicate with supporters easily, bash opponents or in a jiffy counter-attack. Sigala goes everywhere—on dates, to parties and to restaurants—with his black backpack and MacBook laptop just in if it happens something tweet-worthy breaks. He was driving his cousin to the airport last Wednesday when Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, said women who end pregnancies should be punished if the Mutual States bans abortion, comments that were widely condemned. Sigala pulled the car over and tweeted: “Your Republican frontrunner, ladies and gentlemen. Sanders has shut up shop to 2 million followers on his Twitter campaign. Source:

How Islamic Circumstances group supporters targeted the UK - BBC News

A parturition driver from Luton has been found guilty of plotting a terror attack on US military personnel in the UK as a show of his allegiance to the self-styled Islamic Shape group. What does his case say about the nature of the threat faced by the UK. Three months. Three juries. And each has found beyond sane doubt evidence of attack planning in the UK linked to the self-styled Islamic State fighting grouping. The three cases that have seen convictions are part of the seven IS-linked plots referred to by the prime minister - although not in a million years officially detailed - that he says prove the group's threat to the UK. Just before Christmas, Nadir Syed was found guilty of planning an destruction in London timed for around Remembrance Day 2014. Separately, two London students are facing life sentences for organising what would have been a "vigour-by" shooting in the capital. The third man heading to jail is Junead Khan, a pharmaceutical company delivery driver from Luton. His pain in the neck heard he wanted to emulate the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in 2013. He planned to run over a member of the US military casing RAF Lakenheath or RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk - the two massive bases used by the US Air Force. Junead was accused alongside his uncle, Shazib Khan (who, confusingly, is younger than him) of planning to go to contravene in Syria. The jury found Shazib guilty of preparing to travel to Syria to join IS. Junead Khan was also found wrong of preparing to travel to Syria, as well as the more serious charge of preparing to carry out a terror attack on US military personnel in Britain. His certainty is the first where there has been evidence in open court that the suspect was in direct contact with a British IS fighter who was assisting the plans. Source:

Ogre Pikachu Pillows Are the Stuff of Pokémon Masters' Dreams - Nerdist (satire) (blog)

Pokemon fans, we all want nothing more than a actual life Pikachu to be our walking companion, fight our battles, and, most importantly, be there for snuggling. Pika snuggles are the best, most electrifying of snuggles. Until we find ‘em all, we can count on The Pokémon Company to make our plush dreams come true, because next week they are launching a limited edition border of Pikachu pillows and merch. These furry Pikachu come in both male and female versions, the latter differentiated by eyelashes and flowers behind the ears. Buy and sell includes fun keychains to hang from your backpack or purse, and slippers (because fuzzy Pikachu slippers are a must). And an “oversized” plush. No quip, these Pikachu are enormous at over two feet tall, the pillows are twice the size of a normal Pikachu. Those dimensions don’t even group Pika’s long ears, adding another foot to the height. This huggable Pocket Monster is no longer purloin-sized but you still can’t help but squeeze it to your heart’s content. Only 100 of these Pokemon pillows will be produced and will cost $70 for the up. Sorry, Pokémon trainers, these sweet things will only be sold in Japan. But if being a Pokémon Master is truly your fortune, I’m sure you’ll find a way to catch one of these exclusive pillows for yourself. Would you buy a giant Pikachu pillow. IMAGES: Polygon. H/T: Polygon. Source:

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Outward Hound Dog Backpack, Extra Large, Blue

Price: £36.49

FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

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  • Large pockets that feature wide openings and zipper closures to carry food and water.
  • Reflective accents and bright colors for increased visibility.
  • Removable pack takes weight off dog while at rest, and allows easy access to contents.

Whether hiking on a trail or just strolling around town, the best way to enjoy the outdoors is with your best friend by your side.

  • COMPACT, MINI AND SUPER LIGHT. Our small umbrella measures just 11"/28cms long and weighs 13 ounces for easy storage in purses, briefcases, backpacks, luggage, gym and Golf bags and even the glove compartment of the Car.However when opened big enough for two by being 98 cms wide in diameter.
  • QUALITY WORKMANSHIP 3 YEAR GUARANTEE: Designed with a three-fold system, strong metal frame with flexible fibreglass rod system This means greater flexibility and stability in high winds. What's more, fibreglass resists corrosion to prevent wear and breakage..An ergonomic non slip rubber handle with our Embossed The Brolly Company Logo for a comfortable secure grip and handy wrist strap. A protective travel sleeve with stronger stitched easy in and out double hem is included.
  • WIND-DEFYING 96 cm WIDE CONSTRUCTION BIG ENOUGH FOR TWO: The Travel Umbrella from The Brolly Company Is Made With Revolutionary "Flexible Fiberglass Frame". EVEN IF IT INVERTS FROM WINDS 55MPH IT STILL WILL NOT BEND OR BREAK. (just pop it back into shape) Our Umbrella Is Tested For Durability And You Are Also Backed By Our Zero Defect Assurance.

The Brolly Company Premium Auto Open and Close Travel Umbrella
With lots of umbrella choices for consumers today, few stand the test of time the majority of umbrellas are manufactured using less expensive fabrics, materials and workmanship.The Brolly Company is a UK family run business and aim to build a better umbrella - stylish, reliable, durable, and highly wind resistant. Through continuous innovation and design of every component, we provide our customers with the highest quality product at an everyday value price. If that is not good enough, we back this up by our three year guarantee.
Auto Open/Close Mechanism
Water Resistant Canopy is made from premium micro-weave fabric
Wind Proof Frame engineered ribs that are tri-folded for safety and strength. Premium fabric stretchers provide maximum canopy tautness and are made from an innovative combination of steel, fibreglass, and aluminium all attached to the heavy duty shaft.
The Brolly Company Travel Umbrella designed to meet the demanding needs of frequent travellers at an everyday value price backed up by our Three-Year Replacement Guarantee.

  • High quality packable cross body bag, can be able to folded into a small pouch or extended to a large shoulder bag;
  • 1 main pouch and 4 small pouches, can hold iPad 4/5/6, magazine, iPhone 6 plus or other carry-on items. Capacity: 10L. Weight:0.48 Pound.
  • Can be able to adjust the extra detachable waist strap to tighten up the bag when you runing climbing or other intense sports;


We focal on outdoor bags. The best quality is our culture.

•Five color: Blue, Black, Olive, Pink, Purple;
•It is rainproof. Please do not immerse it fully in water;
•The length of the shoulder strap is from 22 to 39.3 inches. The length of the waist strap is from 9.84 to 19.68 inches;
•The main bag is 9.84(length)*4.72(width)*15.35(height) inches,The triangle is 9.84*14.17*14.17 (inches), can hold iPad 2/3/4/5/6;
•The side mesh pack is 5.9 inches height, can hold a 3 inch(diameter) bottle, it is flexible to be a large one or back to small. It is easy to hold coca-cola;
•The cross body pouch is 2.75*4.92*0.58 inches, it can hold 4.7 inches phones, Like iPhone 5;
•The back has a triangle bag, it is 6.69*6.69*9(inches),it can hold iPhone 6 plus, wallet and card;
•The inner bag is 8.2*6.3*0.78 inches, it is also the same size after folding. The inner bag can hold your bank card and some valuable items privately.

Package included:
1*Crossbody Sling Bag

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SPECIAL OFFER - NimNik Baby Carrier Sling Ergonomic Hipseat Multi-Position Baby Carriers Dark Blue

Price: £99.99

You Save:
£60.00 (60%)

FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

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  • ✅ EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED in a baby carrier can be found in NimNik, flexible, lightweight, and ergonomic baby carrier. Our unique and comfortable baby carrier with hip seat allows for FOUR easy-to-use and safe carrying positions. The Backpack, Face in, Face out Kangaroo positions and just the Hip Seat can all be used based on your mood and comfort on any given day.
  • ✅ HANDS FREE COMFORT AND SECURITY: Get your freedom back. Do housework, shop & tend to other kids while keeping your baby close. Baby does not get rashes from DANGLING; they sit on the HIP SEAT. Sturdy fabric holds your baby safely & securely. An adjustable shoulder belt and wide cushioned waist belt are made for comfortable carrying and the double-protection safety buckle has been eloquently designed just for that extra sense of security.
  • ✅ LIFETIME GUARANTEE + FREE SHIPPING: We believe in our product. That's why we offer a 100% Money Back & Replacement Guarantee.Buy the sling as a Baby Shower Gift, new baby gift, new mommy gift and you are still covered by our guarantee! Buy with confidence and complete peace of mind. You will be glad you picked us. Add to Cart now.

Baby Carrier With HipSeat For Effortless Baby Carrying

Make Carrying Your Baby Fun And Stylish Like Never Before

- Do you suffer from back pains from carrying your baby for prolonged periods?
- Is your baby carrier too bulky and complicated to use?
- Are you worried about the rashes your baby might suffer when hanging off a baby carrier?

Introducing the Nimnyk Baby Carrier with Hip Seat. The HipSeat support ensures a straight lumbar which reducing the stress on your back and alleviates your back pain.

Extra Wide Cushioned Straps for making the child carrier more comfortable for your use
- The Nimnyk Baby Hipseat can be used on its own by easily detaching the zip and straps
- The 4 position capability ensures you can hold your baby in whichever position suits you best
- Ultra Lightweight, made from high spec 100% Baby Safe material

What Our Customers Say: "I think it's awesome!" "This carrier is so genius" "Best baby carrier by far!" "No neck and shoulder pain" "I love this carrier! It is so supportive on my lower back which was a problem with other carriers" "This is an amazing product". Order today while supplies last. Limited Stock. Click "Add To Cart" Now!!


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The Shave Well Company Unbreakable Camping Mirror - Backpack Approved

List price: £9.49

Price: £8.53

You Save:
£0.96 (10%)

FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

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  • Clear, undistorted reflection (fog-free in the shower)
  • Chain to hang mirror included
  • Lightweight, unbreakable & durable

Most camping mirrors have sharp edges or are not clear. The shave well camping mirror stands out through its crystal clear reflection, smooth, polished edges. 7 years good luck?

Virtually unbreakable
The shave well camping mirror was designed to stand up to camping and backpacking's roughest challenges allowing it to survive your journey unscathed! we are so confident that you can't/won't break it, we will replace it if you are do.

Size matters.
This mirror is large enough to signal a plane, but small enough to fit anywhere in your camping gear measuring 6" x 4" x 1/8".

Hold it or hang it
Due to its size, campers can hold the mirror in their hand while doing life's personal tasks. If you prefer hanging mirror, we've included a chain to hang it on a tent, tree, etc. So feel free to leave the nails at home.

How is the shave well mirror truly fog free?
The shave well camping mirror is fog free simply by design! in the few seconds you hold it under the shower spray the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower. No more temperature difference - no more fog.

The best part of the shave well story
Your shave well mirror was assembled at sunshine industries, a vocational training facility in knoxville, tennessee for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A smile is worth a thousand words when you see participants learn, grow and obtain new levels of confidence and personal satisfaction for a paid job well done. So while you enjoy that crystal clear reflection from your shave well mirror, give yourself a smile as you are helping make it possible for individuals with disabilities to work in a safe, encouraging and fulfilling environment.

"I asked him for 10 cents...for cookies." That simple request by Davian Tinsley, 13, started the last conversation of 36-year-old Police Officer Jeremy Henwood's life. Davian approached Officer Henwood at a San Diego McDonald's counter on Sunday, August 7, 2011. NBC News reporter Lee Cowan memorialized his last act: "Rarely do surveillance cameras capture the good in people...he opened his wallet and his heart to a kid he'd never met." Officer Henwood bought the cookies, picked up his order, and walked out. Minutes later he died, shot by a fleeing robbery suspect while sitting in his patrol car. That seems so 9-11, cancer, or divorce. How you process life's interruptions determines your destiny. Hold on to negative emotions or bad choices and life becomes overwhelming-like an overloaded backpack. That's wrong, too. So we'll target 7 mistakes that steal God's best for your life. What's in your backpack? Adventure! It captures the wild life-story of author Russ Shinpoch. There's a lot in his backpack! The Indiana Jones-style craziness includes: survived an elephant stampede in Zimbabwe; run over by a classic black taxi in London; injured skateboarding in Sydney, Australia; narrow escape on an Amalfi Coast cliff in Italy; almost pulled into the ocean while shark-fishing in Florida; faced a wounded leopard in Ethiopia; blinded in one eye after snorkeling in Hawaii; nearly died with a mysterious illness in remote India village; shot trophy Kudu at age 8; almost played Nebraska football and Cincinnati Reds baseball; married popular blonde lifeguard who became a speech therapist; earned finance degree from University of Nebraska; interned for major accounting firm; graduated summa cum laude with seminary Master's and Doctorate degrees; spoke on five continents; started a magazine; got a concealed weapons permit; and, led churches from 60 to 7,000. Since 2011, Russ has served as Pastor of a new ministry venture, Destiny Church, in Greenville, South Carolina.

  • Package includes: LevinTM solar charger, instruction manual
  • Compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices, including but not limited to GPS units, iPhones, iPads, windows phones,Android phones and Android tablets
  • More portable than any other 13W solar panel pack, total weight is only 0.94lb, folding down into a 12.12*7.16*0.59 inches dimension, eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpack for use on the go


Provides endless power for your device!

Why choose Sol-Wing?
Sol-Wing captures more sun than conventional solar panels, which means we generate more electricity per panel, and we use less panel to produce the energy you need. The result? With Sol-Wing, you need not to worry your devices run off power, enjoy the greatest happiness during your travel.

Highest Efficiency
According to third party tests, Sol-Wing has highest efficiency of 22%, produce more juice than other solar panel pack, with only 2 monocrystalline silicon panels, but it captures more sunlight and converts light into energy more efficiently, with its 13W output, full charge your iPhone just need 4 hours!

Best Design
More portable than any other 13w solar panel pack, its total weight is only 0.94lb, backside pouch hold your mobile phone or other accessories inside perfectly, eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpack for use on the go.

Highest Quality
Monocrystalline silicon panels produced by Sunpower company guarantee its quality, it won't be broken even bent up to 90 degree, the stretchy Polyester canvas provides perfect protection for Monocrystalline silicon panels and circuit.

Get to know us
found by a group of 90's who love life and advocate science, Levin devotes offering green, safe and smart energy, developing fashionable and creative electronics for global customers.

  • ✅SPECIFICATIONS AND WARRANTY: The NimNik Baby Wrap arrives with a drawstring carrying sack of the same high-quality 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex fabric as your wrap. Also included: Photo-filled instructional booklet, Safety & Benefits brochure, Warranty registration card. 90 Days Refund Guarantee.
  • ✅★★ FREE UK DELIVERY ★★ TOP QUALITY BABY CARRIER SLING WRAP: New Parents, Veteran Parents, Grandparents & Guardians agree we offer the best baby sling carrier wrap for newborns on Amazon. The key to it is in the comfort. This super soft cotton/spandex blend is gentle to the touch, yet firm enough to keep your baby in place. Works with infants all the way to toddler age.
  • ✅VERSATILE 4 IN 1 DESIGN: There are many wrap types you can use with a stretchy wrap, but even the basics have you covered however you like to carry. Front facing inward, front facing outward, hip carry and ruck sack sling; whichever way your baby likes to take in the world, the NimNik Baby Wrap can accommodate.

Meet the NimNik Baby wrap - The perfect gift for mum and baby

From birth to around 18 months, nothing takes you farther than our new premium quality baby wrap. It's free from buckles, straps and snaps and simply ties up to give you the perfect fit every time. Take a couple of practice runs with our wrap instructions and you'll be a total pro in no time. Now you too can fall in love with the wrap-style carrier that not only lets you wander the world but also keeps your baby snug and secure close to your heartbeat, soothing every step along the way. The NimNik Baby Wrap in Grey is our most popular colour, a great neutral choice that goes with anything you're wearing on the day.

• Simple tying style for a perfect fit for front and infant hold.
• 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex 
• Machine washable for the easiest of cleans.
• Complete support for hands-free adventuring.
• Soft, stretchy material for flexible comfort that lasts.
• Breastfeeding-ready any time and anywhere.

NimNik is dedicated to providing top quality baby products that are safe and comfortable for your little ones, but also safe. We only use the highest quality materials and we stand behind every product we make with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our wrap does not meet your needs or expectations in any way, we'll replace or refund your order, no questions asked. FOR LIFE!

So try the NimNik Baby Wrap RISK FREE, to enjoy hands free parenting click "ADD TO CART" now!

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Babymule Original Baby Changing Bag in Black with full Accessories Kit

List price: £85.00

Price: £74.95

You Save:
£10.05 (12%)

FREE Shipping. FREE Returns.

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  • Includes 5 accessories: bottle insulator, change pouch (also a cool bag), padded change mat, wet bag and purse
  • "For your next 'little' adventure"! Independent British company; designed, made and managed by a mum Accolades include Winner ÔLoved by ParentsÕ, ÔPractical Parenting and PregnancyÕ, ÔBest Baby and Toddler GearÕ.
  • 6 pockets of varying sizes, double ended 180degree zips, security pocket, key pocket, spacious mum pocket and more

Babymule is a stylish yet superbly functional baby changing bag in a design that both Mum's and Dad's will adore.

PRACTICAL: Wear it as backpack, sling it over your shoulder as a messenger, or clip it to your buggy to be completely hands free. All straps tuck seamlessly away. Double ended 180degree zips mean no more rummaging, poppers and nets keep everything in place, 6 secure pockets to organise your things. 5 great accessories also included (portable changing pouch, padded change mat, neoprene bottle insulator, zip close wet-bag and handy purse).

QUALITY: Wipe clean luxurious fabric is water resistant and Babymule can even go through the washing machine (delicates) to remove any stains or for an annual spring clean. Designed with padded back & airflow system, padded straps, nickel-free components, branded zippers and embroidered logo. Superior construction stands up to the test of busy modern lives.

VALUE FOR MONEY: High quality fabric and robust manufacture means Babymule is built to last; from newborn through toddlerdom and beyond. 22 litre capacity means thereÕs enough room for siblings and parents' things, great for big days out, trips to the swimming pool and long haul travel. Babymule has won awards every year for its unbeatable quality and practicality. Perfect for getting out with your baby and recognised across Europe as THE bag for traveling with children.

Bag size: 46cm x 35cm x 14cm Changing mat size: 56cm x 34cm

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ALPS Mountaineering Red Tail 3900 Internal Frame Pack, Green
$137.14 Buy It Now
ALPS Mountaineering Red Tail 3900 Internal Frame Pack, Green

Red Tail Backpack - Green 3900Manufacture ID: 2336807If you're looking for a quality internal pack that will last you through your trek time and time again the Red Tail is your answer. Just as the other internals in the ALPS Mountaineering line the Red Tail has all the features you would expect from a value-oriented company. There are bottle pockets on each side and you can also find a hydration pocket and port #10 zippers on the lower door and an internal horizontal divider that gives you the best storage utilization. There's a kangaroo pocket on the front which is great for keeping your jacket or fleece without taking up extra space in your pack. When you're ready for your trip and your pack is full but you still have a few things to take don't worry! The top of the Red Tail extends with a spindrift collar so you can over pack. The top pocket adjusts up and down to keep it in the correct position and we've included an Over the Top compression strap to stabilize your extra gear. If...

ALPS Mountaineering Red Tail 4900 Internal Frame Pack, Rust
$189.99 Buy It Now
ALPS Mountaineering Red Tail 4900 Internal Frame Pack, Rust

Red Tail Backpack - 4900 RustManufacture ID: 2436805If you're looking for a quality internal pack that will last you through your trek time and time again the Red Tail is your answer. Just as the other internals in the ALPS Mountaineering line the Red Tail has all the features you would expect from a value-oriented company. There are bottle pockets on each side and you can also find a hydration pocket and port #10 zippers on the lower door and an internal horizontal divider that gives you the best storage utilization. There's a kangaroo pocket on the front which is great for keeping your jacket or fleece without taking up extra space in your pack. When you're ready for your trip and your pack is full but you still have a few things to take don't worry! The top of the Red Tail extends with a spindrift collar so you can over pack. The top pocket adjusts up and down to keep it in the correct position and we've included an Over the Top compression strap to stabilize your extra gear. If...

Juju Magic Bag-Charcoal Grey
$117.63 Buy It Now
Juju Magic Bag-Charcoal Grey

The Juju Effects/DJ Bag was quickly nick-named the Juju Magic Bag because of its unique capability to be reconfigured and for the multiple methods of carrying the bag. The Juju is an oversized bag/backpack designed to offer great protection for dj and audio gear that may not have other easy solutions, and was originally aimed at providing a bag for a guitarist;s effect pedal board. While it still serves the guitar player, it fits many types of larger gear such as audio mixers and laptop dj controllers. One of the best features of this bag is that the roomy interior is reconfigurable using three 3x 4x 6cushion blocks that are included with the Juju to change the internal dimensions to give your gear the perfect fit. The normal interior dimensions are 26 x 17 x 4.5, but depending on whether the blocks are positioned using the 3 side or 4 side and whether one or multiple blocks are used, the change is dramatic. The bag ships using the blocks to change the dimensions to 20x 14x 4.5 and...

Kids Plush Fairy Backpack for Girls's Birthday Party and Gifts
$15.99 Buy It Now
Kids Plush Fairy Backpack for Girls's Birthday Party and Gifts

Take your best friend, Olivia, with you on your adventures! She will keep you company and share all the joy along the way! She'll have a place to keep all her treasures in our Fairy Backpack.

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LOGO2.0 part I
part II: part I and II: licensed under cc-attribution-noncommercial-sharealike the diggwatchblog published a list with links and...
Photo by Ludwig Gatzke on Flickr

school afghanistan children soldier army fight war uniform image aircraft military united year iraq contest review honor best backpacks baghdad soldiers warrior states combat department troops medals

With hundreds of pink backpacks filled with school supplies and toys behind them, Soldiers from 1st Platoon, Company C, 1st Battalion 38th Infantry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division,...
Photo by familymwr on Flickr

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Mr. Fukwhad and Company Is All Smiles!
Kinal was so cool, that all of us ended up hiring him to explore Angkor Wat as our driver and tour guide. Thank you, Kinal! Best Regards, Mr. Fuckwahd, esquire.
Photo by joaquinuy on Flickr


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